LMAO Comics Talk Worst Shows, Dating

THC: Tell me about LMAO.

ANS: The purpose of LMAO is to get Harvard freshmen, or really anyone at the College, interested in comedy at Harvard…. People think that we’re just, like, not funny individuals who only study and make really great social networking sites, and that’s not true.

THC: Have you ever had a joke that you were excited about that bombed?

CML: Oh, God, stand-up. That’s what we’re all about…I think stand-up is different from improv because the jokes are like your babies. You come up with a concept…you run it past some people, and you keep playing with it until you feel like you can deliver it in front of an audience. And sometimes, that joke that you nursed all the way up—you get in front of the audience, and they’re not in sync with your dementia.

THC: Do you have an example?


KCD: Yeah—just relive that memory, in front of all of us.

CML: I’ve done whole shows where it feels like you bombed…my best example is myfreshman spring. We did a show in Quincy Cage…. I didn’t feel like anyone laughed at my jokes, but there were also clanging pipes and they were sitting on the floor inside of a cage.

DMB: That’s interesting that you mention that [venue], because when we’re dealing with LMAO, we’re dealing with the complete opposite…an awkwardly formal space.

ANS: Hallowed, academic ground.

THC: If you were having a terrible show, and it was a forgone conclusion that people would throw things at you, what would you want thrown at you?

CML: Johnny Depp.

KCD: Money. Just make it rain.

ANS: I get hungry late at night, so food would be fine.

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