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Pop-Up Renaissance Concert Image
On Campus

Pop-Up Renaissance Concert: Historic Familiarity in a New Modern Form

From the students to the audience, everyone seemed to enjoy the immersion into the Renaissance era.

Boston Snowport Image
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Boston Snowport: A Whimsical Winter Village In the City

The main attraction, The Holiday Market, is nestled in the heart of Snowport.

Mikko Nissinen's 'The Nutcracker' 2023 Image
On Campus

Boston Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’ Review: Christmas Wonder is Back

“The Nutcracker” features accomplished dancers from the company as well as students from the Boston Ballet School.

AADT 'Horizon' 2023 Image
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AADT’s ‘Horizon’ Review: Refreshing Fusion of Cultural Expression

Every set within the 15 piece set list in “Horizon” added a unique dimension of cultural expression to the concert’s greater themes of cultural identity and cross-cultural dialogue.

Becky Moon Profile Image
On Campus

Artist Profile: Becky Moon on the Power of Perception and Life’s Hidden Beauty

Moon has demonstrated time and time again the incredible power art can have on our everyday lives.

HAM 'Family Day' Image
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‘Family Day’ at Harvard Art Museums: A New Kind of Inclusivity

Families worked together to build sculptures, and therefore found connection with art not only as a viewer, but as a creator as well.

'Time's Echo Live' Image
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‘Time’s Echo Live’ Feature: A Musical Journey through War and Memory

“Time’s Echo Live” was a two-day festival, celebrating the connection of music and prose to the past through four composers: Arnold Schoenberg, Richard Strauss, Benjamin Britten, and Dmitri Shostakovich.

Hiphop Exhibition Image
On Campus

In the Gallery of Rhythms: Unveiling 50 Years of Hip-Hop History Through the Private Collection of Ice-T and DJ Afrika Islam

The diversity in media made clear the fact that hiphop is not just music — and it never has been.

Harvard FAS CAMLab Image
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Harvard FAS CAMLab: The Art of Transitions

Just as the installation explores and celebrates the intersection between the past and the present, the mobile and the static, it offers an argument for the synthesis of art and technology.

Soloist Paloma So '27 Image
On Campus

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Feature: The Semester Finale Presents a Captivating Selection of Music

The evening was a wonderful showcase of the rich classical music scene present at Harvard, and the way it interconnects and expands to other communities as well.

Pritika A. Swarup Profile Image
On Campus

Artist Profile: Pritika Swarup on Forging New Paths in Fashion and Finance

Swarup has immersed herself in boundless experiences throughout her professional career and personal life, all of which show how she has truly shattered the conventional courses that once formulated right in front of her.

'HarvardKey: A Veri-Secure Jam' Image
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‘HarvardKey: A Veri-Secure Jam’ Feature: A Celebration of Talent and Community

Both the LowKeys and the Veritones received standing ovations at the end of their performances.

Grupo Corpo Image
On Campus

Grupo Corpo’s Spiritual Revival Ignites the Stage

Throughout the performance, the audience gasped in amazement at the remarkable athleticism and strength of each dancer.

'This is Not a Time for Dreaming' Image
On Campus

Linda Norden on Pierre Huyghe’s ‘This is Not a Time for Dreaming’

The ongoing exhibition of Huyghe’s work at the Carpenter Center serves as a powerful bridge between the past and the present within the realm of the arts.

Chelsea A. Vuong '21 Image
On Campus

Chelsea A. Vuong ’21: Pageants, Finance, and the Road to Miss America

Vuong has chosen to use her platform as Miss Massachusetts to advocate for a cause she has supported since her time at Harvard: improving financial literacy.