Advising Director Inge-Lise Ameer Heads to Dartmouth

“Inge has given an enormous amount of time and effort to advising undergraduates—from her work in the English department to her years at the college,” wrote Benedict H. Gross ’71, to whom Ameer reported when he served as Dean of the College, in an e-mailed statement. “She knows what works, and has the skill to make it happen. Dartmouth is lucky to be getting her.”

According to students to who worked with Ameer, she created a congenial work environment and was adept at bringing students to administrators’ table. Chadbourne said that Ameer once canceled a meeting just so that she would be able to speak with him.

“I think she has seen a lot of Harvard students as her friends and family," Chadbourne said. "And in a college administrator it is rare and unique to find someone who has such a personal connection to the people they work with."

“Dean Ameer is a wonderfully supportive boss and colleague who encourages innovation and always reminds us to keep the welfare of our students first and foremost,” Brooks Lambert-Sluder, program manager for the PAFs program, wrote in an e-mailed statement. “This will make our drive to have the best advising program of our peers all the more difficult, since Dartmouth now has this advantage!”

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