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Harvard Square

How Cambridge’s Unhoused Residents Endured the Record-Breaking Cold

Confronting record-breaking low temperatures earlier this month, some of Cambridge’s unhoused residents sought refuge in shelters offering extended hours last weekend, while others faced the cold.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

Cambridge Council Housing Committee Discusses Affordable Housing Expansion Plan

Cambridge City Council’s Housing Committee met Wednesday to discuss proposals to loosen height restrictions and increase floor space in affordable housing.

Harvard Law School
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Professor Critiques Judicial Supremacy at Inaugural Lecture

Harvard Law School professor Daphna Renan gave a critique of judicial supremacy — the idea that the Supreme Court is the final authority on the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution — at an event on Thursday.

Radcliffe Age of Roe Conference Friday Panelists

Fifty Years After Roe Decision, Harvard Radcliffe Institute Hosts Conference on Abortion in America

Hundreds gathered at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute for a two-day conference about abortion rights and legislation in the United States on Thursday evening and Friday.

Science Center
Romance Languages

Harvard’s Language Exchange Program Receives Culture Lab Innovation Fund

Harvard’s Language Exchange Program received a multi-thousand-dollar grant from the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging to expand the reach of its language-learning platform.

IOP Forum on Global Democracy and American Leadership

Journalist David Ignatius Says U.S. Must ‘Fix’ Political System to Reclaim Global Credibility at IOP Forum

Journalist David R. Ignatius said the United States “must fix its broken political system” in order to remain a global leader at a forum hosted Monday by the Harvard Institute of Politics.


Should Supreme Court Justices Have Term Limits? That ‘Would Be Fine,’ Breyer Says at Harvard IOP Forum

Retired Justice Stephen G. Breyer said “it would be fine” if Supreme Court justices were term-limited at a Harvard Institute of Politics forum on Wednesday.

Belfer Center
Harvard Kennedy School

Belfer Center Fellow Discusses Political Influence of U.S. War Department

Belfer Center Fellow Grant H. Golub discussed the World War II-era expansion of the now-defunct U.S. Department of War during a virtual seminar on Thursday.