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15 Most Interesting Seniors: Tim LaVelle
Fifteen Most Interesting

Tim E. LaVelle

Tim E. LaVelle runs the record room, the recording studio, and the Eliot bike-sharing program, and he’s the official House librarian. If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is.

Peter Galison
History of Science

Peter L. Galison

Galison’s teaching, like his many projects, focuses on the historical, philosophical, and ethical implications of science.

NeW Society

NeW Kid on the Block

NeW’s mission to “educate and train the next generation of conservative women leaders."

Around Town

A Curator with a Cause

Kitty Zen is one of almost 70 artists associated with ArtLifting, an online gallery that sells work by homeless and disabled individuals.

Food and Drink

A Table for Two

One chef. One critic. One pan-seared tilapia with eggplant ragu.

Harvard's Widener Library

Consulting Harvard

Tiger Club Tutoring is just one of many student-run college admissions consulting businesses springing up across the nation; it’s also just one of many student-run college admissions consulting businesses at Harvard.


Madlib: How to Make Your Staycation Seem Like a Vacation

So you bummed around your childhood home all winter break? Here's how to make your time away from Harvard sound a bit more productive.

lamont cafe boardplus swipe
Flyby Quote

Freshmen on Their Last BoardPlus Swipe

When you've reached the end of your "free" money from Harvard, what do you do?

Humanities Division

Ben Lerner & Geoffrey O'Brien

The second reader dresses the way one might imagine a thirty-something professor and MacArthur Fellow would: He wears a collared shirt peeking out of a charcoal sweater, with black jeans tucked into boots. Unmistakably arched eyebrows confirm that this is Ben Lerner.


Which Humanities Theses Are Fake and Which Are Real?

​As hard as it is to research an obscure thesis topic for months and write it up in a meager 100 or so pages, titling said thesis is likely the hardest part of the whole endeavor. The more esoteric the topic, the more amusing the title (we assume). FM scoured Lamont’s shelves to find the most entertaining humanities thesis titles. We threw in a few of our own creations just to keep you on your toes. Happy guessing! And if you wrote one of these...Well, you’ve got at least one question right by default!

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Around Town

Third Thursdays at the Isabella Gardner Museum

​We can hear it before we even enter the courtyard. An almost ethereal soundscape, droning, adding nervous undertones to the otherwise sophisticated ambiance of this affair. It is the work of André Obin, this month’s featured DJ for Third Thursdays at the Isabella Gardner Museum.


Harvard Square's Biggest Rip-Offs

The life of a student in Cambridge isn’t as carefree as it appears. While the town is idyllic, that doesn’t mean it fits the college budget. Too many vendors get away with too high prices, so FM has decided to call them out.

Holworthy Bar

Cribs: Freshmen Edition

Move-in’s done. Freshmen are finally settled. And we all have one question: Who made the best of the worst housing on campus? In search of the answer, we scoured the Yard and spoke to the people who live there. Here’s what we found.