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Year in Review

My Rejected Ivy Oration

I’m here today because I know that we are all a little anxious about graduating and I thought that I might help demystify the future—the great unknown.

Year in Review

Imaginary Headlines

What we only wish happened this year.

Year in Review

Just the Tip

Words of wisdom from some of FM's soon-to-depart seniors.

A Little Levity

Walk of Shame

This weekend, I auditioned for Identities. I didn’t get it.


Double Datamatch

Too nervous to go on a date alone, FM writers Nicole Levin and Keyon Vafa decided to take their lucky Datamatches on a double date. Braving rejection and social stigma, our FM team emailed all of freshman matches and eventually found some a pair that was willing to date on the record…the record of love.

Student Life

Regarding My Future Unemployment

Dear extended relatives, family friends, former English teachers, gynecologists, and my brother’s roommates and their extended relatives, I am very tired of answering the same questions about my future, over and over. And I know, for the most part, you have only been asking to be polite, to make conversation, or so that you can compare me to your daughter (she wins, okay, she wins!). So to streamline the process I have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions (and their answers) about my future and career goals.

amy poehler picture
Flyby Blog

Amy Poehler Named Ridgley Hall Room 52 Woman of the Year

Well this is awkward. I was going to announce it later, but it looks like the Pudding beat me to it. Amy Poehler, you are the Ridgely Room 52 Woman of the Year (WOY)! What a coincidence!

Food and Drink

A Guide for You Yale Visitors

Hi, Yale friends. It can be hard navigating the Harvard social scene (though not as hard as navigating the New Haven crime scene). FM came up with some tips that should help you have a good time after The Game.

Harvard Square

What Can You Buy With Crimson Ca$h?

Turns out you can buy booze. Just very very very classy booze.

Eric Q. Doyle
On Campus

Eric Q. Doyle

Eric Q. Doyle, who can be found at the Farmers' Market in the Science Center Plaza, was scoped by FM this past week.

Eric Q. Doyle

Eric Q. Doyle

Eric Q. Doyle sells nuts at the Harvard Farmer's Market.


Teen Mag Quiz: Where Are You Talking About Yourself?

’Tis the season to be self-promoting. Between breaking ice and making deals, it can be easy to forget exactly where you are and who you are trying to impress. FM’s here to remind you to ask yourself the following localizing questions:

Gluten Free

I Saw You I-Lab

Welcome to the i-lab.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

A sample of the i-lab's eclectic quisine.

Inspiration at the i-lab

Inspiration at the i-lab

Budding entrepreneurs work at the i-lab.