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The Unforeseen

Despite my natural mistrust of any documentary where the heroes and villains are so clearly defined, I couldn’t deny the

How Can a Film Ever Do a Book Justice?

Ian MacEwan is one of the rare writers who enjoys both commercial success and critical respect. The opening of the

In Literary Game, Yale Loses

It’s that time of year again. Starbucks is overflowing with irritating holiday cheer, the first round of midterms is over,

Skip Dinner Tonight: Culinary Writing Feeds The Mind

Sometimes books serve as pathways to the pleasures we are incapable of obtaining in real life: Flying and spells for

Self-Help Books ‘Bitch’ About Sexes

In a world filled with writers who write badly and stories that sell on shock value alone, there’s something satisfying

Forget the Coop and Get Back to Basics

For many Harvard students, the initial run on textbooks at the Coop will be the only time they visit a

Potential Hurricane Victims Say They Would Refuse Order To Evacuate

As the Southeastern United States finds itself in the midst of another hurricane season, a new study suggests that residents

Kiddie Lit Stays In Fashion

The stories we read when we were growing up have a profound effect on the way we view the world.

You’ve Read ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’? Bullshit

It’s a well-known fact that everyone has favorite publications that they don’t admit reading, guilty pleasures ranging from Playboy to

Reconciling God and Einstein

In recent years, the uneasy tension between science and faith has escalated into a full-out war of attrition. It began

Just Browsing: Digital Futures

Since the early 1990s, the Internet has swallowed up other media like kudzu: Tower Records closes stores while iTunes thrives,

Trashy Celeb Lit Abounds

On Feb. 8, Anna Nicole Smith died. My relationship with her up to that point had been minimal, but this

Trachtenberg Covers His Tracts

The most immediately noticeable aspect of “Lincoln’s Smile and Other Enigmas” is a giant photograph of Abraham Lincoln’s craggy face

MADELINE-BY-LINE: Self-Helpified Literature

Growing up in the Baptist-dominated wilds of western North Carolina, I usually watched book burnings with a mixture of perplexity

BESTSELLER: The End of Faith

“Surely there must come a time when we will acknowledge the obvious: theology is now little more than a branch