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Madonna, With Strong Supporting Cast

MUSIC Soundtrack The Next Best Thing Maverick Madonna, With Strong Supporting Cast By DEIRDRE A. MASK CRIMSON STAFF WRITER Madonna

Q&A: Carson Daly

Who exactly is Carson Daly? Why is he famous? How did he get the coziest job in show business? Why

Wonderful World Of MTV

Everyone remembers the cool table, or the cool corner in their high school--the place where the Gap clad boys and

TGIF + Britney Spears = Tiger Beat Heaven

Film Drive Me Crazy Directed by John Schultz Starring Melissa Joan Hart, Adrian Grenier Twentieth Century Fox Melissa Joan Hart

Tori Amos

Tori Amos To Venus and Back Atlantic One can never really understand what Tori Amos is saying. Actually, I don't

Eric Benét

R&B music has gotten rather trite of late--find an elementary tune that everyone has heard before, add a throaty voice

Vicarious Vibes Steam Pool House

IN CLOSE QUARTERS Mainly Jazz Dance Co. with guest appearance by TAPS Adams Pool Theater April 22-24 Have you ever

Playing the Nields

In the front, the Pit kids ruled. In the back, the grandparents huddled. And sandwiched between both were the rest