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Joan McPartlin Mahoney ’49

‘A Tour De Force’: Joan McPartlin Mahoney, Pioneering Female Crimson Reporter, Dies at 94

A career journalist who went on to report for the Boston Globe after serving as the first Radcliffe College correspondent for The Crimson, Joan Mahoney died at age 94 on July 22, at her home in Brimfield, Mass.

The Harvard Crimson
Student Groups

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Libel Lawsuit Against Harvard, The Crimson

A federal appeals court on Monday rejected a libel lawsuit filed against Harvard and The Crimson by a former University employee, upholding a lower court’s ruling.

Harvard Kennedy School
Harvard Kennedy School

Slavery Reparations Advocacy Group Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Harvard

The co-founders of the American Descendants of Slavery Advocacy Foundation, a slavery reparations advocacy group, filed a defamation lawsuit against Harvard University last month over a retracted research article that was published by a journal affiliated with the school.

Harvard Kennedy School

Why Did Trump Supporters Storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6? Because of Trump, New Harvard Study Finds

Former President Donald Trump’s lies about election fraud and enthusiasm for his re-election drove supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to a study from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center.

Harvard Yard

Pantano, Adeleke to Assume New Roles at Harvard College’s Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct

Laura Peña Pantano was promoted to Associate Dean of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, and Titus Adeleke will serve as the new Assistant Dean of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct and Secretary of the Ad Board.

Steven Breyer at the IOP
Harvard Law School

Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Will Return to Harvard Law School’s Faculty this Fall

Stephen G. Breyer, 83, will return to teach at Harvard Law School after retiring from the Supreme Court on June 30.

Cambridge Police 1

Crime Hits Five-Year High in Cambridge, According to Annual CPD Report

Cambridge’s crime total hit a five-year high in 2021 with 2,598 serious crimes reported, according to the Cambridge Police Department’s annual crime analysis.

University Hall

Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof ’93 Joins Harvard as Third Professor in Ethnic Studies Cluster Hire

Jesse E. Hoffnung-Garskof ’93 will join Harvard’s faculty as the third professor to be brought in as part of an ethnic studies cluster hire initiative by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, according to the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard, which has advocated for the creation of an ethnic studies department.

Tozzer and Peabody

Harvard Prof. John Comaroff Faces New Allegations of Misconduct in Amended Suit

Harvard professor John L. Comaroff is facing new allegations of sexual harassment in an amended lawsuit.


After Roe Dismantled, Harvard Experts Condemn, Defend Landmark Decision

The Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion in a landmark ruling, abandoning the nearly 50-year-old precedent established in Roe v. Wade Friday. Here’s what Harvard experts had to say.

Univ Hall FAS

Following Sexual Harassment Allegations, Comaroff Returns to Teaching at Harvard, Sparking Outrage

After being placed on two years of administrative leave due to allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation, Harvard professor John L. Comaroff will return to the classroom to teach an elective course this fall, reigniting a wave of campus and national outrage.

U.S. Capitol
University Finances

‘There’s Very Little There’: Technologists, Including at Harvard, Urge Lawmakers to Resist Crypto’s Siren Song

In recent years, crypto proponents have poured millions of dollars into lobbying efforts in Washington. This month, a group of concerned technologists are pushing in the opposite direction.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

Harvard, MIT Students Denounce Schools’ Push to Use Global Carbon Offsets to Satisfy Proposed City Requirement

Ninety students from Harvard and MIT penned an open letter Wednesday supporting Cambridge’s proposed Green New Deal legislation while criticizing the two universities’ push to use global carbon offsets to satisfy the proposed emission reductions without paying compliance fees.


As Bacow Prepares to Exit, 41 Percent of Surveyed Harvard Faculty Say They are Satisfied with His Performance

A plurality of Harvard faculty are satisfied with outgoing University President Lawrence S. Bacow’s tenure in office so far, according to The Crimson’s annual survey of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, conducted in April.

University Hall

With Bacow Set to Step Down, Some Faculty Want Harvard’s Next President to be From a Different Mold

In interviews after Bacow's announcement that he would step down next year, faculty members offered a wide range of hopes for Harvard’s next president: Some say they want someone from a different academic background, and many others vie for a candidate who will use the perch of the University presidency to tackle global social issues.