Faculty News

Isaiah Andrews MacArthur

MacArthur ‘Genius’ Andrews Lauded for ‘Ridiculous Smarts,’ ‘Ridiculous Amount of Kindness’

Andrews was named a 2020 MacArthur Fellow in October, receiving $625,000 for his work overcoming statistical inference problems in empirical economics. The grant itself gives him flexibility to take more unpaid leave and focus on research, Andrews explained, but it is also a tremendous honor in its own right.

School of Public Health

COVID Collaborative Launches Vaccine Education Campaign

The COVID Collaborative — a coalition of experts in health, education, and the economy — launched a $50 million vaccine education campaign with nonprofit advertising group the Ad Council on Nov. 23. The effort aims to inform Americans about COVID-19 vaccines and their benefits.

Year in Review - Rob Lue

Biology Prof. Lue, Visionary in Life Sciences Pedagogy, Dies at 56

Faculty and administrators from across the University said Lue left an indelible mark wherever he went. He fought relentlessly to ensure that all students could access a high-quality education, whether they were at Harvard or not. He saw no limits to where a Harvard education should — and could — be accessed.

University Hall

At Least Five GSAS Departments To Admit No Graduate Students Next Year

At least five departments in Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will not admit students for next year as a result of belt-tightening measures due to the coronavirus pandemic and an increased focus on advising and diversity.

Claudine Gay

FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Identify Ethnic Studies Faculty by End of Academic Year

Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences hopes to identify three to four faculty hires who specialize in ethnic studies by the end of the academic year, FAS Dean Claudine Gay said in an interview Friday.

FAS Budget

FAS Projects $112 Million Deficit for Fiscal Year 2021 After Ending 2020 with $22 Million Deficit

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences projects a $111.7 million deficit in fiscal year 2021, according to the Dean’s annual report, presented during a faculty meeting Tuesday.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Harvard Scientists Reconsider the Possibility of Life on Venus

Researchers at Harvard, the Paris Observatory, and MIT, among other institutions, have found that Venus’s atmosphere may not contain phosphine gas, a possible indicator of life, contradicting the results of a study published last month.

Fall Barker Center
Humanities Division

Historians Discuss American Internationalism in Newly Released Books

Harvard History Professor Nancy F. Cott and Brown History Professor Samuel Zipp shared the stories of five twentieth century American internationalists and the legacy of their writings in a Mahindra Humanities Center webinar Monday.


Harvard Faculty Criticize Findings, Methodology in Charles Murray Webinar

Charles A. Murray ’65 spoke to Harvard affiliates at a Friday webinar about his new book, which criticizes the idea that race and gender are social constructs. Faculty in attendance criticized his work, saying it makes unfounded claims and is rooted in flawed methodology.

University Hall

Faculty Council Brainstorms How to Support Students After Election

Harvard’s Faculty Council launched preliminary discussions Wednesday about how to support students and faculty following next month’s presidential election.

Shkreli Protesters
On Campus

Whom Should Harvard Allow to Speak?

The last time Charles A. Murray ’65 spoke at Harvard, a group of ten students raised signs calling him a white nationalist. Outside the venue, others said he should not have been allowed a platform on Harvard’s campus.

Widener Library

Harvard Researchers’ 3D Simulation May Help Explain Saturn’s Hexagonal Storm

Two Harvard researchers developed a 3D simulation that may help explain the hexagonal pattern of a large storm observed on Saturn.

HMS Gordon Hall

NIH Awards Nine Harvard Scientists ‘High-Risk, High-Reward’ Grants

The National Institutes of Health awarded nine Harvard Scientists grants as part of its High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

OEB Professor Showcases 3-D Models of ‘Wonderful Cambrian Beasts’ in Webinar

Javier Ortega-Hernández, an Organismic and Evolutionary Biology professor at Harvard, reconstructed the history of the versatile organisms which lived more than half a billion years ago in his Wednesday evening lecture, “Wonderful Cambrian Beasts.”

Lieber Leaves Bail Hearing

Embattled Chemistry Professor Charles Lieber Sues Harvard, Alleging University Required to Recoup Legal Costs

University Professor Charles M. Lieber filed a complaint against Harvard in Middlesex County Superior Court Friday morning, alleging that the University broke its contract by refusing to indemnify him for his criminal defense.