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Harvard Business School Prof. Gino Accused of Plagiarism Following Data Fraud Allegations

HBS professor Francesca Gino was accused of multiple counts of plagiarism in an analysis published in Science Magazine on Tuesday, claims that compound existing allegations of data misconduct.

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Colleagues Rally to Harvard Sociology Prof.’s Defense Following Plagiarism Allegations

After an anonymous complaint accused Harvard sociology professor Christina J. Cross of plagiarism last week, her colleagues quickly rose to her defense.

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Harvard Extension School Administrator Accused of Plagiarism in Anonymous Complaint

Harvard Extension School administrator Shirley R. Greene was accused of 42 instances of plagiarism in her 2008 University of Michigan dissertation in a complaint sent to the University Friday — the latest in a string of anonymous plagiarism complaints against Black Harvard officials.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Animal Activists File Federal Complaint Against Dana-Farber

Activists against animal experimentation filed a federal complaint Sunday alleging that researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute had committed data falsification.

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Top Harvard Medical School Neuroscientist Accused of Research Misconduct

Top Harvard Medical School neuroscientist Khalid Shah allegedly falsified data and plagiarized images across 21 papers, data manipulation expert Elisabeth M. Bik said Sunday.

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Central Administration

Harvard President Claudine Gay Plagued by Plagiarism Allegations in the Tumultuous Final Weeks of Tenure

Growing plagiarism allegations plagued the final weeks of former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s tenure, setting the stage for her resignation Tuesday afternoon.

President Gay Speaks to Students at Ice Cream Social
Student Groups

While Some Harvard Students Say Gay’s Resignation Sets ‘Bad Precedent,’ Others Say It Is Long Overdue

Harvard students had mixed reactions to the resignation of former University president Claudine Gay — while some viewed it as necessary to uphold academic integrity, others saw it as a surrender to influential donors and political actors.

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House Committee Extends Harvard’s Deadline to Provide Documents About Gay’s Plagiarism Scandal

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce extended the Friday deadline it gave Harvard to provide documents related to its congressional investigation into plagiarism allegations against University President Claudine Gay.

President Gay Takes Group Photo at Ice Cream Social

‘Overblown’ or ‘Hypocritical’? Harvard Students Offer Mixed Takes on President Gay Plagiarism Allegations

Students offered mixed views on the plagiarism allegations that have plagued Harvard President Claudine Gay as she wrapped up her first semester in office laden in controversy.

President Gay Interview
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Harvard President Claudine Gay to Submit 3 Additional Corrections, Corporation Says Improper Citations Fall Short of Research Misconduct

Harvard President Claudine Gay will request three corrections to her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation in the latest series of updates Gay has submitted amid mounting allegations of plagiarism against the University’s embattled leader.

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Congress Widens Investigation into Harvard to Include Plagiarism Allegations Against President Claudine Gay

The House Committee on Education and the Workforce expanded the scope of its congressional investigation into Harvard to include allegations of plagiarism against University President Claudine Gay, the committee wrote in a letter to the Harvard Corporation Wednesday.

Gay Testifies Before House Committee
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Harvard President Claudine Gay Submits Corrections to Two Articles Amid Allegations of Plagiarism

Harvard President Claudine Gay submitted corrections to two articles published in 2001 and 2017, after the Harvard Corporation acknowledged allegations of plagiarism against her earlier this week, University spokesperson Jonathan L. Swain wrote in a statement Friday.

Claudine Gay
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Harvard President Claudine Gay Faces Additional Plagiarism Allegations

Harvard President Claudine Gay is facing new plagiarism allegations, following accusations earlier this week that she had plagiarized portions of her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation and three other published works.

Gay at House Committee Hearing
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Despite Support From Corporation, Harvard President Gay Under Fire Over Plagiarism Allegations

Harvard President Claudine Gay is facing allegations of plagiarism after a report in the Washington Free Beacon on Monday and a Sunday post on Substack claimed she plagiarized portions of four academic works over 24 years, including her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation at Harvard.

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SAT Scores of Recruited Athletes Trail Other Students by 160 Points, Per Class of 2027 Survey

The SAT scores of recruited athletes in the Class of 2027 trailed those of non-athletes by more than 160 points, according to The Crimson’s survey of the freshmen class.