Lockwood To Serve as Interim Freshman Resident Dean


Meghan Lockwood will serve as interim resident dean of Elm Yard, College administrators announced in an email to freshmen Friday.

Lockwood — who has previously served as interim resident dean for Adams, Quincy, and Winthrop Houses — will be taking over for Elm Yard’s current resident dean Jasmine M. Waddell when Waddell steps down Sept. 13.

Lockwood will be one of four freshmen resident deans working under the First-Year Experience Office, a division of the Dean of Students Office that oversees housing and campus life for freshmen.

Nekesa C. Straker, senior assistant dean of residential life and first-year students, wrote in her email to freshmen Friday that Lockwood has a “depth of experience” at Harvard. Lockwood previously served as a resident tutor in Adams House from 2009 to 2015 and earned a doctorate from the Graduate School of Education in 2017.


“I’m looking forward to working with students in Elm Yard and being part of the team in the First-Year Experience Office,” Lockwood wrote in an email Sunday.

Straker wrote Friday that Waddell will be transitioning to an administrative role in the Office for Faculty Affairs — a division of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences that oversees support and trainings for faculty and researchers. Waddell will specifically work at the Office for Faculty Development, a branch of the OFA.

Straker also wrote that Waddell, who has served as Elm Yard’s resident dean since 2013, has been a “model and inspiration for her colleagues” throughout her career at the FYE.

Brooks B. Lambert-Sluder ’05, assistant director of the Advising Programs Office, also notified Peer Advising Fellows — a group of upperclassmen who mentor freshmen — of Waddell’s departure in an email Friday. Lambert-Sluder wrote that Elm Yard will be in “wonderful hands” when Lockwood assumes her interim role.

“Dean Waddell advocated for students and fostered a Yard identity among three distinct dorms – Matthews, Grays, and Weld – perhaps because she’s always insisted on adding ‘the best Yard’ to any description of Elm,” Lambert-Sluder wrote.

Waddell did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday afternoon.

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