Fact and Rumor.

Stearns, '91, has returned to college.

The '88 class cradle will go to Mr. W. K. Norton.

Yale will play two more games before the Harvard game.

The second composition in French 3 will be due on Friday.

R. H. Davis '91, and Greenleaf '92, have stopped training.


Mr. W. B. Cohen '91 has been elected an editor of the Advocate.

The students of Johns Hopkins university have given up wearing the cap and gown.

The library of the French department in Sever will be open hereafter in the evening from 8 to 10.

Foxhall Keene, '91, who was hurt over a week ago at football was out again yesterday.

Newell '92, who was injured in foot ball practice about three weeks ago has returned to college. He is still very lame.

Yale will play Amherst today in football at Amherst.

Princeton has organized an orchestra of twenty instruments.

The Yale reading room has on file twenty-seven of the college papers.

The second special reports in History 13 are out, and will be due December 7th.

Mrs. Caroline Donovan of Baltimore has just given $100,000 in cash to Johns Hopkins university.