44 Elected to Undergraduate Council

UPDATED: September 20, 2017 at 2:47 p.m.

44 students were elected to the Undergraduate Council on Friday following a four-day campaign period.

1454 students voted for both new and returning members, down from 1,820 students last year. Those elected include 12 freshmen, 13 sophomores, 11 juniors, and 8 seniors. Notably, the number of seniors doubled from the four seniors elected to the Council during last fall’s election.

In some upperclassmen Houses, only small numbers of students turned out to vote. In Dudley, Winthrop, Dunster, and Lowell Houses, 21 or fewer students voted. In Dunster, where nearly 400 students were eligible to vote, only 12 cast ballots. In Dudley, only two students cast ballots. Keeping with usual voting trends, the four freshmen yards saw the highest turnout, with 746 members of the Class of 2021 voting in the UC election, marking roughly 44 percent of the freshman class.

This year, Council members will have the ability to form caucuses, a capacity granted to members last spring. During the 35th Undergraduate Council’s last meeting earlier this month, four members presented a motion to formally recognize a Black Caucus. In April, members voted to form a Latinx Caucus.


The new Council will also gain the ability to recommend approval for new student groups after the body amended their governing documents last spring. The task comes as over 50 student groups were placed on probation—now making them ineligible for UC funding—after failing to attend an Office of Student Life training for student group leaders.

The new Council is expected to vote on a budget on Sunday, Sept. 24.

The full list of newly elected representatives is as follows:

Adams House

Anna T. Wechsler ’18

Nicholas P. Whittaker ’19

Ryan K. Sim ’19

Cabot House

Catherine L. Zhang ’19

Nadine M. Khoury ’20

Saim Raza ’18

Currier House

Amanda N. Flores ’20

Ashrithaa S. Anurudran ’19

James L. McLean ’19

Dunster House

Gevin B. Reynolds ’19

Dudley House

Isabelle C. Flores-Jones ’19

Eliot House

Arnav Agrawal ’20

Nicholas T. Wyville ’20

Taylor D. Marquis ’18

Kirkland House

Kevin R. English ’20

Mai-Linh Ton ’19

Parth C. Thakker ’18

Leverett House

Kanishk A. Mittal ’20

Salma Abdelrahman ’20

Lowell House

Julia M. Huesa ’20

Jungyeon Park ’20

Michael E. Scherr ’20

Mather House

Adam E. Harper ’20

Eduardo A. Gonzalez ’18

Pforzheimer House

Cade S. Palmer ’20

Laan Yeung ’19

Quincy House

Oluwalani O. Oisaghie ’19

Sarah S. Fellman ’18

Wyatt M. Robertson ’18

Winthrop House

Evan M. Bonsall ’19

Henry S. Atkins ’20

Akshay Saini ’18

Crimson Yard

Rushi A. Patel ’21

Sonya Kalara ’21

Ifeoma E. White-Thorpe ’21

Elm Yard

Jordan M. Silva ’21

Emma L. Robertson ’21

Jackson C. Walker ’21

Ivy Yard

Seth D. Billiau ’21

Swathi R. Srinivasan ’21

Wilfried J. Zibell ’21

Oak Yard

Ivan A. Vazquez ’21

Luke J. Kenworthy ’21

Abigail T. Scholer ’21

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