Man Exposes Himself in Quincy, Flees

A man exposed himself in a hallway near a laundry room in Quincy House Sunday, according to a community advisory email issued by Harvard University Police Department spokesperson Steven G. Catalano Tuesday morning.

The incident reportedly took place on the sixth floor of New Quincy, according to an email by Quincy House Resident Dean Judith F. Chapman to Quincy affiliates Sunday evening.

A female Quincy resident reported the incident at approximately 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, and officers responded “immediately,” according to the advisory.

Upon arrival, officers “located an individual fitting the description,” as reported in HUPD police logs. However, as the officers approached the suspect, he ran away and a foot chase ensued.

“HUPD then called the Cambridge Police Department for help as the man fled toward St. Paul’s church, but unfortunately, he eluded them,” wrote Dean of Student Life Stephen Lassonde in an email to the College Tuesday afternoon.


The suspect, still at large as of press time, is described by the advisory as being “approximately 5’ 10”, medium to heavy build, dark complexion, blemished face, wearing a tweed hat and sport coat and shorts.”

In her email to Quincy residents, Chapman said she did not know how the man got into the building but speculated that he obtained entrance to the house via “piggybacking,” wherein a non-affiliate follows a Harvard affiliate into a given secure building.

Lassonde, in his email, noted that while improving weather conditions may lead some students to leave doors open, he wrote that it was necessary to remain vigilant and exercise caution to keep the community safe.

Steven G. Catalano was unavailable for immediate comment.

—Staff writer Brett Dowling can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @brettjd1996.


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