Investigation Into November Bomb Threat Remains Open

After an unfounded bomb scare prompted the evacuation of several buildings in and around Harvard Yard last month, the Harvard University Police Department’s investigation into the case remains open, according to spokesperson Steven G. Catalano. {shortcode-6df76be6221046055ae2eb4a044b8e58e775aa69}

The threat, sent via email, specifically targeted the Science Center and Sever, Emerson, and Thayer Halls. It prompted the cancellation of several classes as police searched the buildings before reopening the Yard and Science Center a few hours later.

For juniors and seniors, the threat was eerily similar to an incident in December 2013, when former College student Eldo Kim sent several Harvard affiliates an emailed bomb threat targeting the same four buildings during fall final exam period.

When last month’s bomb threat first unfolded, Catalano said officers were conducting an “active and ongoing investigation” to identify the origin of the threat.

—Staff writer Ivan B. K. Levingston can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @IvanLevingston.



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