Summer Postcards 2013

Scandal (Part II)

WASHINGTON D.C.—Continuing on with the theme of Washington D.C. scandals, here are some of my favorites from this week:

Scandal #1: Friends crashing on your couch

The problem: Living in D.C. means that you have nonstop access to one of the greatest cities in the nation. It also means that all your friends who go to school in the middle of nowhere want to come visit. Sleepovers can be fun, but when you have three people sharing an air mattress in your common room, things can get a little cramped.

The solution: Make yourself so busy that you don’t even realize your dorm has turned into a frat house.

The verdict: This is only minor scandal. It even borders on a college right-of-passage.


Scandal #2: Sneaking out of work

The problem: Your boss leaves early and you’re not under a deadline. Do you dare? When you leave work early, you clearly run the risk of looking like a slacker. Then again, that extra hour at the end of the day just might be necessary for your sanity.

The solution: If you’re not getting paid, do it. Besides, if someone catches you missing from your desk, you won’t even be there to realize it.

The verdict: Worth the risk.

Scandal #3: Summer roommates

The problem: Living with a new person for the summer is like freshman year all over again. There’s the initial tension, the uncomfortable conversation when he or she forgets to clean the bathroom, the constant need to make small talk, etc.

The solution: Roll with the awkwardness of your living situation. After all, you don’t have to live with this person for a whole year, so this might be the perfect opportunity to throw caution to wind and play by your own rules. Speaking from experience, however, if you’re living in D.C., you should avoid political conversations until you know that you’re both on the same page.

The verdict: Depending on how you handle it, this situation definitely has scandal-potential.

Until the next round of scandals,

xoxo from Washington