Eleven Faculty Promotions Announced by University

New Professorships In Design, Business

Eleven promotions on the Faculty and teaching staffs in the departments of Design, Business Administration, Engineering, Psychology, and English were announced by the University today.

Effective June 1, Martin Wagner will be associate professor of Regional Planning, having risen from assistant professor.

Walter L. Chambers, who graduated from the School of Landscape Architecture in '32, has risen from assistant to associate professor of that subject, while Jean-Georges Peter, Ed.B. '24, has been made associate professor of Architeceure.

Three Business Promotions

Across the river, Henrietta M. Larson has been promoted from assistant to associate professor of Business History.


Benjamin M. Selekman, formerly a lecturer on Urban Industrial Problems, has become, effective July 1, an associate professor of Business Administration.

A Business School graduate in 1939, Robert S. McNamara has moved up from instructor in accounting to assistant professor of Business Administration, and George F. F. Lombard '33 was promoted from instructor to assistant professor of Industrial Research.

Emmons Made Professor

Known to undergraduates as head of the CAA pilot training program, Howard W. Emmons has jumped from instructor to assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering.

In the Psychology Department, Clifford T. Morgan has been promoted to Faculty instructor and tutor.

Wallace E. Stegner, of the English Faculty, has been made Briggs Copeland Faculty instructor in English Composition, while Claude M. Simpson, who received a graduate degree in 1935, has become a Faculty instructor in English.

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