Marines Balance Informal Loss at Hands of Varsity

Revenging themselves for the 2-1 shellacking received at the hands of the Varsity soccer team last week, a troop of Royal British Marines returned to Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon to trounce the Crimson Varsity.

Although no official scare was kept of the informal contest, the Varsity could only pass the British goalie ones, while the visitors split the nets five times. The booters' lone score came in the second quarter when left inside Eli Berman took the ball down the middle of the field and passed to center-forward Jack Calhoun. Calhoun returned the ball to Berman, who ricocheted the ball away from the goalie for the tally.

In preparation for the Springfield game Saturday afternoon, Coach Jim McDonald used a great variety of players seeking the best combination of attack and defense. Yesterday the offensive showed definite signs of weakness in the clinches and placed a greater burden on the defense. However, that portion of the team accepted the assignment ably and by the late periods had the British shooting from mid-field.

When the Varsity encounters Springfield Saturday, the Freshmen who tied Governor Dummer Academy 1-1 last week, will take on Worcester Academy at home.


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