The two exchange professors from the University to western universities this year will be Assistant Professor K. G. T. Webster '93 who will visit Knox College, at Galesburg, Illinois, Beloit College in Wisconsin, and Carleton College in Minnesota, during the first half-year, and Professor G. G. Wilson, who will be at Grinnell College in Iowa, and Pomona College at Claremont, California, in the latter half of the year.

Professor Webster is a member of the English Department where his course in Anglo-Saxon will be given by Dr. F. P. Magoun, Jr., and his course on Milton by Mr. T. L. Hood '08. Professor Webster has been chairman of the Academic Board of Radcliffe College, that place now being taken by Professor G. H. Chase '96, Chairman of the Division of Fine Arts.

Professor Wilson is professor of International Law, and has been professor of International Law also at the Naval War College since 1900.

At the first annual meeting of the Board of Overseers Mr. George Wigglesworth '74, of Milton, Massachusetts was re-elected president of the Board.

Several promotions have been made in the faculty of the Harvard Medical School and the School of Public Health. H. P. Mosher '92 formerly assistant professor of laryngology, has been promoted to a full professorship, and Stanley Cobb '10 formerly assistant professor is now professor of neuropathology.


In the School of Public Health C. K. Drinker, formerly associate professor, has been promoted to a full professorship of physiology.

Reappointments for terms of three years are those of A. W. Sellards as assistant professor of tropical medicine, and of Marshal Fabyan '00 assistant professor of comparative pathology.

Two Administrative Boards in the University are announced for 1923-24: for the Medical School, President Lowell, Dean Edsall, ex officio, chairman, Professors Algernon Coolidge '81, Hans Zinsser, H. W. Cushing Med. '95, Reid Hunt, Burt Wolbach '03, W. B. Cannon '96, C. M. Campbell, and F. W. Peabody '03, Associate Professors J. L. Bremer '96, and Worth Hale, and Dr. Kenneth D. Blackfan; for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Professor C. H. Haskins Hon, '08, Dean, and Professor G. F. Moore Hon, '06, G. L. Kittredge '82, E. P. Kohler, W. F. Osgood '86, J. H. Woods '87, C. H. Moore '89, J. A. Wals '95, A. A. Young, Theodore Lyman '97, and H. W. Holmes '03.