Before the Traps.


The sport of yesterday afternoon, though favored by every other condition of weather, was marred by the element that trap shooters most fear, a strong, gusty wind. In spite of this, however, the closing competition of the present series of matches was marked by good all-round shooting in the singles, while the work done in the doubles may be fairly termed excellent. In looking over the scores in Match A it was found that Mead, '87, was tied with J. N. Austin, '88, for second place, and the shoot-off resulted in a victory for Mr. Austin. Twelve members of the clubs were on the grounds, whose scores are found in the appended summary.

MATCH A. Five pairs doubles. J. D. Bradley, '86, W. Oakes, '87, eight each: J. Austin, '88, H. D. Cheever, '88, six each: F. S. Meade, '87, W. H. Slocum '86, five each: F. Austin, '86, F. S. Palmer, '87, four each.

MATCH B. Ten singles. F. Austin, '86, eight: F. S. Palmer, '87, seven: J. Austin, '88, six: F. S. Meade, '87, five: W. H. Slocum, '86, H. H. Bemis, '87, W. Oakes, '87, four each.

MATCH C. Ten singles. F.S. Palmer, '87, eight: F. Austin, '86, J. Austin, '88, F. S. Meade, '87, H. D. Cheever, '88, five each: J. D. Bradley, '86, W. H. Slocum, '86, H. H. Bemis, '87, four each.



MATCH A. J. D. Bradley, '86; 8.

J. W. Austin, '88; 6.

MATCH B. F. S. Palmer, '87; 7.

*J. D. Bradley, '86; 7.

MATCH C. J. W. Austin, '88; 7.

H. H. Bemis, '87; 6.

*Beaten on shoot-off.