On Saturday the first handicap meeting of the H. A. A. took place. The handicapping was well done by Messrs. Baker, Trask and Coolidge and produced good finishes in every case. The weather was chilly and toward the end of the programme it began to drizzle uncomfortably. It is therefore to the great credit of Mr. W. H. Goodwin, Jr., that he made a quarter of a mile in 51 4-5 sec.; especially as the track was only dirt and very heavy at that. It was hard enough however to hold running spikes fairly well.

The propramme began with the first trail heat of the hundred yards. In it were G. M. Ashe, '87, scratch; Rogers, '87, 4 yds; Norton '85, 5 yds; Wetherbee, '87, 6 yds; Taylor, '85, 7 yds. The heat was won by Rogers in 10 7-8 seconds, with Wetherbee second. This was a good race for first place between Rogers and Wetherbee.

The one mile walk was started next by Darling, '84, scratch, and Shattuck, '87, 10 seconds.

Darling walked very fairly and gained well on Shattuck's lead, who came in first in slow time, Sm. 5 seconds, who however was disqualified for unfair walking, thus giving Darling the first prize. Neither of the contestants walked in any form and as this event is an important one on the Polo Ground programme it behooves the H. A. A. to try to train a good walker. Mr. Brown, '86, walked well last year and we were sorry not to see him walk on Saturday, as with proper coaching he might make a fast man.

In the second trial heat of the hundred yards the men were placed thus : Billings, '85, scratch; Foote, '86, 2 yds; Brandt, '85, 4 yds; F. W. White, '85, 5 yds; J. G. Mumford, '85, 9 yds. Mumford did not run. When the pistol went off, Billings, who got a beautiful start, began to overhaul his men rapidly and won a splendid race by only a few feet over Foote, in 11 sec., with White a good third.


The third trial heat followed this, the starters were A. S. Johnson, '85, scratch; S. Carey, '86, 1 yard ; J. D. Bradley, '86, 2 1-2 yds; G. Kemp, '84, 4 yds; H. K. Swinscoe, '85, 6 yds, and I. Louis, M. S. 6 yds, As usual the handicapping was good, Swinscoe winning in 10 3-4 sec., with Louis a good second.

The half mile run was next with J. B. Walder, '84, scratch; E. E. Graham, '86, 30 yds; I. S. Meredith, '87, 40 yards. Meredith ran apparently only to cover his distance. Walker gained well on Graham and at one time looked a sure winner, but did not spurt at the finish and was beaten in 2. 12. If Walker could gain more confidence in himself and learn how to spurt at the finish of a race he would do well.

The running high jump was won by C. H. Athinson, '85, over Scott, '87, with a handicap of 5 inches, and Rogers, '87, with 6 inches, by a jump of 5ft. 7 1-2 in. Last year at the Polo Grounds Mr. Atkinson jumped 5 ft. 9 1-2 in., but owing to a mistake of the measurers his record is one inch less,-5 ft. 8 1-2.

The 220 yds, was the most exciting race of the day. W. H. Goodwin, Jr., '84, scratch; F. S. Billings, '85, 6 yds; I. Louis, M. S., 14 yds; G. Kemp, '84, 14 yds; E. Norton, '85, 20 yds. Norton led around the turn and coming into the stretch, where Louis passed him and won in 23 3-5 seconds. Goodwin had come up very fast and he and Norton ran a hard race for second place. The judges gave it in favor of Norton, however.

The throwing the hammer was won by Field, '84, 15 ft., with a throw of 67 ft. 3 3-4 in. over McRae, S. S. scratch, whose best throw was 74 ft. 1 1-2 in.

For the 120 yds. hurdles, Agassiz, '84, Bradley, '86, and Cary, '87, came to the mark. Agassiz and Bradley led till the eighth hurdle, jumping prettily together, when Cary spurted well and won in 19 seconds.

The putting the shot was as slow as usual. McRae, S. S., was put on scratch, all the other contestants, Homans, '85, Goodwin; 84, and Mumford, '84, having two feet advantage. Homans won with a put of 28 ft. 1 1-2 in., Goodwin, second 26 ft. 8 in. As Mr. C. H. Kip has left college, it is necessary for all those who are able to put at all to practice through the winter so that the events which Mr. Kip has won in past years may not go to some other college.

The final of the hundred was won by Swinscoe over Louis second and Foote fhird in 10 3-4. Billings did not run. If Mr. Swinscoe would train we think he would make a good runner as some fast times are put to his credit in practice runs.

The mile run was a procession, Ayer winning easily off the 100 yds. mark in 5.05 1-2, Strong second, from the 60 yds. in 5.12, and Jack third, 80 yds., in 5.20. Walker, who has run under five minutes, ran in good form but though he gained some 40 yds, was apparently scared from naking an effort by having men ahead of him.

The last race of the day, the quarter mile, was run while the jumping was going on. It was well contested and as regards time was by far the best race of the day. The starters were Mr. W. H. Goodwin, Jr. '84, quarter (51 1-5) and half mile (2.02), intercollegiate champion, on scratch and Mr. G. M. Ashe'87 on the 28 yds. mark. Ashe ran most easily and fast, goodwin not beginning to gain tell half way up the back stretch. Coming down the straight it looked as if it would be a very close race, but Goodwin spurted magnificently and passed Ashe about 25 yds. from the tape, finishing well within himself in the fast time of 51 4-5 sec. Ashe, to everybody's surprise, as he seemed to be running strong and easily, faltered when Goodwin passed him and was quite done up at the end.

The long jump had the following comtestants : Mandell, '84, scratch ; Clark, '86, 5 inches; Field, '84, 6 inches; Fogg, '85, 10 inches; Rust, '87, 18 inches; Wetherbee, '87, 30 inches. Clark did not jump and the event was well fought out between the remaining comtestants. Mandell jumped well but could not overcome his handicaps. Foggs won with a jump of 18 ft. 4 in. Field, second, with 17 ft. 11 inches.

This is another event in which we have to train a man for the Polo Grounds. The entries were divided among the classes as follows '84, 9; '85, 13; '86, 5; '87, 9; '84 had 3; '85 had 4; '86 had 2; '87 had 1. Among the new men who ought to be looked after are Louis, Swinscoe, Ashe and Homans.

The handicaps proved to be very satisfactory, and the Athletic Association may well be congratulated on its effort. In a word the meeting was a great success. Mr. T. J. Coolidge's starting was the best ever seen here. The officers were: Referee, Dr. Sargent ; judges, Professor Byerly, Mr. R. D. Sears, and Mr. W. R. Trask. The time-keepers were Mr. Church and Mr. Lathrop, U. A. C., and Mr. C. A. Sawyer; measurers, Messrs. Baker and Storrow; scorer, Mr. R. D. Smith clerk of the course, Mr. W. Burr.