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Finale, Finally

HERE IS something hideously abortive about the three one-act plays currently showing at the American Premiere Stage. Never has promise

Crying in the Night

P RIEST OF LOVE is undoubtedly the longest two-hour movie ever made. Billed as razzle-'em, dazzle-'em intimate portrait of D.H.Lawrence

Liberty and Tyranny

What kind of hero is this little man? The most famous product the French ever exported, he's not even French.

The Desire to Acquire

"In the middle of a vast and desolate plain in Mexico, by the side of the long road stretching from

Blank Verse

Y OU DON'T HAVE TO BE an English major to enjoy this book. The Brand-X Anthology of Poetry, collected parodies

The Broadest Wit

A LEXANDER WOOLLCOTT, the broadest wit of the twentieth century, returns to abuse and tickle the audience of Howard Teichmann's

Six Characters In Search

I N SEXTET, John Malcolm Brinnin fuses six distinct portraits into an intricate work, closer to a fragmented fiction than

Sour Grapes

B LAKE EDWARDS, the ads tell us, is "the man who painted the panther pink," and put Ravel's Bolero on

They Shoot Actors, Don't They?

"There is a very real danger that corporate support of the theater would limit the political range of the theater

The Butler Does It--Well

W HAT THE BUTLER SAW marks the resurrection of the Lowell House Drama Society after a hiatus of more than


H OW much longer are film audiences to endure the tall, silent figure of Sylvester Stallone looming across New York

Torture and Taboo

D EATH IN THE 20th century has lost its intimacy. Its personal implications have been lost in the shift from

Remains of a Romantic Vision

Whisper "Spain," and images well up from the back of your mind: toresdors, flamenco guitars. Carmen, and Don Quixote. Unfortunately,