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Admissions to Law School Class Down 27 Per Cent From Last Year

Harvard Law School has cut the number of people it will admit to the Class of 1973 by more than

Asian Experts Refute Nixon's War Rhetoric

John K. Fairbank '29, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of History, and Benjamin I. Schwartz, professor of History and Government, attacked

From the ShelfThe Ultimate Folly

CONGRESSMAN Richard McCarthy is a liberal Democrat elected from the suburbs of Buffalo, New York. McCarthy's district is overwhelmingly Republican

The Education of Jesse Unruh

SINCE 1961 Jesse Unruh has been the speaker in the California Assembly. This year he lost that position when the

The Game Politics and the War

Over the summer the Congressman I worked for, Richard D. McCarthy, told me that the trouble with the war was

CLOSE-UP: An Anti-War Canvasser Reports

When I entered the basement of Memorial Church at 8:30 yesterday morning to volunteer my services in canvassing Cambridge to

Faculty Ponders Vietnam Position

Two issues are on the docket for today's special Faculty meeting: a non-binding resolution supporting the October 15 moratorium and

Can't Tell the Players Without a Program

IN THE BEGINNING there were no committees. Then Harvard was created, and the next day there were committees. But in

Three Warrants Sent Out For Disrupters at CFIA

The Cambridge police yesterday issued warrants for the arrest of three people involved in last Thursday's disruption of the Center

Dept. Will Retain Soc Rel 148, 149

The Social Relations Department this week decided by a narrow margin in a ballot taken through the mail to allow

It Happened at Harvard: The Story of a Freshman Named Maxwell

W HEN several Harvard students were indicted by the Grand Jury of Middlesex County on various charges of trespass and

Political Democracy and Political Parties

When I was fourteen an acquaintance from high school took a dare. He climbed up the huge structure that supported

EMK and Protest

J OHN F. KENNEDY and Robert F. Kennedy always commanded the admiration and respect of a great part of the

The Firemen's Ball

T HE FIREMEN'S BALL is a flick about nothing very much. It is about a firemen's ball in a Czech

AWOL at B.U. Will Use No Violence

About 300 students occupied Marsh Chapel of the Boston University Theological School for the third day yesterday, assuring the AWOL