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Thai-tanic: Leo Hits The Beach

FILM THE BEACH directed by Danny Boyle starring Leonardo DiCaprio Virginie Ledoyen Guillaume Canet Fox 2000 Fans who were disappointed

Cinemanic: Skinner's Motion Pictures, Posters and Ephemera Auction

CINEMANIC Why do people go to auctions? The cynic immediately says, oh dont be ridiculous. There are certain items that


CINEMANIC Skinner's Motion Pictures, Posters & Ephemera Auction Why do people go to auctions? The cynic immediately says, "Oh don't

Ed. School Panel on Diversity Discusses Experiences, Book

When he first got to the Graduate School of Education (GSE) three years ago, doctoral student Frank Tuitt says he

Finding Release

With technology increasingly affordable and talent omnipresent, Harvard students have been taking the plunge into the recording industry. These are

Women Beware Women Shows The Dark Side of Women

The set of Women Beware Women is deceptively simple. Nothing more than a multi-level platform painted to resemble cobblestones, the

Banderas Directs a Period Piece? That's Crazy

At first glance, the plot seems simple: a wannabe starlet from Small Town, USA poisons her abusive husband, decapitates him,