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Mythical Beasts 3
Around Town

The Eldest Scavenger

The Mythical Creatures Scavenger Hunt runs from April 15 to May 30 throughout the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture’s four locations. Visitors participating in the self-directed experience follow a provided guide that directs them to specific artifacts. On the third floor of the natural history museum, for example, eagle-eyed participants can find a tapestry of a colorful bird resembling the ancient Greek phoenix. Other creatures on display include a cyclops, mermaid, genie, and centaur.

Kevin Jiang
The Scoop

Build First, Ask Questions Later

The team at Nya Labs is busy tapping into the influencer space in a different way — by developing a platform that allows fans to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens from their favorite content creators.

Benjamin Bolger

Benjamin Bolger Has No Post-Graduation Plans

“Other people might read a magazine article in The Economist,” Bolger says. “Maybe I'll do a master’s degree instead on the topic.”