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House War Design

Something Worth Pfighting Pfor

During at least three separate points in the history of Harvard College, one line from the classic Harvard introduction could mean the difference between peace and war.

Rat Traps Levity

A Rat-Free Harvard: A Transformative Experience Awaits

I dream of a college experience where I can walk the streets of Mass. Ave without the fear of encountering one of these monstrous creatures careening toward me during a late-night CVS run. Even so, I know better than to underestimate what the rats around here are capable of, and I worry that our little friends here might be clever enough to evade the devices poised to eliminate them.

Julie Fiveash Portrait

Meet Julie Fiveash, Harvard's First Librarian for American Indigenous Studies

Their position carves out a distinct space in the world’s largest academic library system to focus exclusively on organizing, spotlighting, and acquiring materials in a field that has long been neglected.

Harvard Curling Club
The Scoop

Fist-Bumping and Broom-Stacking: FM Learns to Curl

Curling, we learn, is a lot like bowling, except more complicated, played in teams, and on ice.

Ayush Noori '25

For Ayush Noori, Juggling Freshman Year and Neurodegeneration Research

In layman’s terms, Noori defines his work as “applying cutting-edge machine learning approaches across computer vision, natural language processing, and graphed representations learning.”