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Sumbul Siddiqui
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Revisiting Cambridge's Recurring Income for Success and Empowerment Program

RISE was spearheaded by Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui, Vice Mayor Alanna M. Mallon and Councilor Marc C. McGovern in cooperation with community organizations like Just A Start and Cambridge Community Foundation. “The hope is that once people gain a little bit more security, they can use that financial security to then help them move forward,” McGovern says.

Chloe Gambol

I Didn't Forget My Name

Each first day brings me back to those moments. Each introduction, each icebreaker, each time I have to say my concentration or where I’m from. Each time I order a coffee, or the french fries from the Adams House Grill. Each time I say my name.

Ancient Scroll 1
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When the Past Comes Knocking

Sackstein takes a piece of paper off his notepad, writes a few sentences, then folds it up and scrawls a title on the front: “A Gift from the Past.” The two of them take a pair of pliers and slip it into the crevice. Place the panel back on. Tighten the screws. Reinstall the knob. Their very own message in a bottle has just set sail.

Housing Day 2022

The Spectacular and Scandalous History of Harvard Housing Day Videos

Housing Day videos are now as much of a tradition as Housing Day itself. While the tradition’s history is brief — the earliest videos on YouTube date back to 2009 —, it has garnered both mass celebration and incited widespread controversy.