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Institute for Learning in Retirement
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Where the Learning Never Stops

The student body at the HILR is composed of retired professionals seeking to broaden their minds together through a classic liberal arts education model. The 550 students lead and attend the more than 120 peer-led courses and enrichment activities that the program offers.

Ancient Scroll 1
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When the Past Comes Knocking

Sackstein takes a piece of paper off his notepad, writes a few sentences, then folds it up and scrawls a title on the front: “A Gift from the Past.” The two of them take a pair of pliers and slip it into the crevice. Place the panel back on. Tighten the screws. Reinstall the knob. Their very own message in a bottle has just set sail.

Make & Mend Jewelry
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Make & Mend, the 'Art Supply Thrift Store of Your Dreams'

She soon realized her store could solve two problems: meet the need for inexpensive art supplies, as well as reduce the amount of used materials that are tossed in good condition.

Odds Bodkin 1

A Master Storyteller Walks into a Bar

Bodkin’s enchanting voice, musical prowess, and larger-than-life persona have earned him an illustrious career as a master storyteller.