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Looop Me In: A Return to the Days of Matchmaking

The app itself doesn’t match people — human matchmakers do.

Lamont Library Interior

Big Small Things

I love the job itself: the menial labor, the simplicity of the tasks, the smallness and apparent insignificance of my work.

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Growth and Decay

In a time when I felt I had nothing, not even a sense of who I was, I remembered that the earth gives me — gives us — so many gifts that I don’t have to work to earn or prove myself worthy of.

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Humanities and The “Battle of the University”

“What are the unique values that the sciences and humanities bring? And how can we put them in conversation together to solve big questions?”

A movie theater.

“Do you want to watch a movie?”

My dad isn't the most emotionally expressive guy, but somehow sitting in the living room and watching a random movie he picked that neither of us particularly cares for says a lot more than "I love you."


The Living Memory of Derrick Bell

In a 1990 photograph, Derrick Bell, the first tenured Black professor at Harvard Law School, speaks as a crowd of students rally behind him. In the front row, students clutch a banner that reads, “Harvard Law School: On Strike for Diversity.” The photograph was taken during Bell’s controversial announcement that he would be taking a “leave of conscience,” refusing to return until HLS hired a Black, female, tenured professor.

Virtual Widener
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The Virtual Harvard Project

When the pandemic struck, Rus Gant, head of Harvard's Visualization Research and Teaching Laboratory, decided that it was the time to turn his idea of making a 3D model of Harvard into a (virtual) reality.