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Benjamin P. Wenzelberg

A 96-Minute, 417-Page Senior Thesis

If you had visited Buckminster’s Cafe in the early mornings this past year, you would have passed super senior Benjamin P. “Benjy” Wenzelberg 21-'22 composing an opera. As a concentrator in English with a secondary in Music, Wenzelberg’s senior thesis is an opera adaptation of James Joyce’s “Ulysses.”


Section Kid and the Transformative Undergraduate Learning Experience

The raw transcript of an interview with one of Harvard’s premier Section Kids (who asked to stay anonymous so as to not draw attention to themselves or their classmates) about another “show-stealing” performance today.

Woodberry Room

"An Enormous Room"

The Woodberry Poetry Room houses over 8,000 poetry books, 7,500 audio-visual recordings, and 100 literary magazines. Celebrating its 90th year, the collection reopened to the public on Oct. 4.