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Burhan Azeem
City Politics

Burhan Azeem Seeks to Bring Fresh Voice to City Hall

Students may have noticed a flyer under their dorm room doors last month for Burhan Azeem, who, at 24, is the youngest candidate running in the Cambridge City Council election.

Dana Bullister
City Politics

‘Cambridge is for Sale’: Dana Bullister Campaigns on Tackling Inequity in Politics

City Council candidate Dana Bullister never thought about public office until a friend and former Cambridge City Councilor urged her to consider the council.

Harvard Law School 3
Harvard Law School

Tech Experts Debate Strategies to Regulate Social Media, Protect Private Data

Legal and policy experts debated strategies to protect private data on platforms including Facebook, Google, and Twitter in a virtual panel hosted Tuesday by the Berkman Klein Center.

David Rockefeller Center

DRCLAS Panel Explores Changing Abortion Politics in Modern Latin America

Experts discussed changing social, cultural, and political norms on abortion access in Latin America at a virtual panel hosted by Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies on Tuesday.