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Harvard Athletics Director Discusses Student-Athlete Inclusion in Larger Student Body

Following a 2020 Athletics Department review that found many student-athletes feel a disconnect with the broader student body, the Athletic Department wants to boost the interaction between student-athletes and the rest of campus, according to Harvard Athletics Director Erin McDermott.

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On Campus

‘I Don’t Think I’ve Seen People More Happy to Practice in My Life’: Harvard Athletics Director Reflects on Return to Campus

Harvard Athletics Director Erin McDermott said in a Friday interview that the full return to in-person athletics has “meant everything” for student-athletes.

Club Sports
Student Life

Club Athletes Report Mixed Experiences with Return to In-Person Club Sports

The return to in-person activities has drawn mixed reviews from Harvard club athletes, who report facing new team dynamics created by the pandemic and related safety protocols.

Harvard Athletics
Student Life

Student-Athletes Report Mixed Experiences with Another Season Marred by Covid-19

Harvard athletics resurrected last fall with a full competition schedule after a four-season hiatus. Since the long-awaited return, Harvard’s varsity student-athletes have reported mixed experiences practicing and playing during a pandemic.

JPW Ethnic Studies Protest

Push for Ethnic Studies at Harvard Continues

The decades-long push for an ethnic studies program at Harvard made slow progress in 2021, as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences authorized the appointment of three faculty candidates specializing in the field.

Harvard Athletics
Department of Athletics

Harvard Closes Sporting Events to Public as Covid Cases Soar

Harvard announced Tuesday that home sporting events will be closed to the general public until Jan. 23 due to rapidly-rising Covid-19 case rates.

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Students Delay Getting Covid-19 Booster Shots, Citing Inconvenience and Finals

Some Harvard students said they are holding out to get a Covid-19 booster shot until the conclusion of the fall semester, though public health experts recommend people get the shot as soon as possible.

Jefferson Lab Evacuation

Harvard Researchers Verify Existence of New State of Matter, Opens Doors for Quantum Science

The state of matter, known as quantum spin liquid, has special properties that produce long-range quantum entanglement — a phenomenon in which particles’ states are connected despite spatial separation.

Mass Hall in the Spring

Bacow Offers Support for Proposed DACA Reinstatement in Letter to DHS

University President Lawrence S. Bacow penned a letter to the Department of Homeland Security calling on the DHS to reinstate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program on Monday.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Scientists Discover Neuroanatomical Basis for Acupuncture Signaling Pathway

Harvard scientists discovered the neuroanatomical basis for acupuncture points that trigger a specific anti-inflammatory signaling pathway, advancing the understanding of acupuncture’s therapeutic potential.

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Harvard Researchers Find Way to Target Specific Cells with Gene Therapy

Harvard researchers have developed a method to deploy gene therapy — altering genes to help treat or prevent disease — in specifically targeted cells, potentially opening doors to powerful therapeutic applications.

Inside SEAS Allston SEC

Harvard Researchers Develop Shape-Shifting Material

Researchers from Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences developed a shape-shifting material that can morph into and hold any 3D shape, opening the door to a potentially infinite number of applications.

Mallinckrodt Laboratory

Harvard Chemists Use Dyes as a New Data Storage Method

Harvard chemists developed a new data storage method using fluorescent dyes that may be much more durable and cost-efficient than traditional storage methods.

Harvard Medical School

Harvard Scientists’ Study Sheds Light on Brain Tumor Resiliency

A recent study published by Harvard scientists examined brain tumors in unprecedented detail and found that brain tumor cells shift between distinct states, making them more resilient to cancer treatment.

Christopher W. Stubbs

Sciences Dean Stubbs Lauds Return to Campus As Division Expands to Quantum Realm

Dean of Science Christopher W. Stubbs said the return to in-person instruction has been “energizing” as he outlined updates regarding the Sciences Division’s ongoing endeavors in a Tuesday interview with The Crimson.