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Bronski and Borawski Photo

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Michael Bronski

The efforts of Bronski and others to revive lost AIDS literature like Borawski’s are a crucial step forward for the queer community.

"The 12th Commandment" cover.

“The 12th Commandment” Review: A Disappointing Dönme Mystery

"The 12th Commandment" suffers from tired character archetypes, overambitious storytelling, and long-winded pacing that makes it impossible for the book to find a place among any genre’s contemporary greats.

"Getting Lost" cover.

‘Getting Lost’ Review: New Translation Demonstrates Annie Ernaux’s Literary Prowess

Ernaux’s soul-bearing source text and Strayer’s expertise combine to produce a resounding, gripping work of art that proves to be more than worth its weight in salt.

'Participation' Cover

‘Participation’ Review: Great Storytelling Weakened by Unconventional Narration

This attempt at radical inclusion falls flat. Part of the problem is that Moschovakis’s storytelling is far too excellent.

"Good Arguments" cover.

Review of ‘Good Arguments’ by Bo Seo ‘17 HLS ‘24

Seo’s entrance into the literary world is an ambitious and engaging read that is part memoir, part compendium on competitive debate, and part call to action.

Bo Seo Image

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Bo Seo

He expressed a preference for a realistic account of his time on campus over rose-colored romanticism: “I wanted to talk about what it was, and what it was was pretty good.”

Doja Cat and SZA

What The Hell Happened: Doja Cat and SZA Win A Grammy, Hilarity Ensues

Doja Cat and SZA won this year's award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, but Doja Cat was nowhere to be seen.

Radcliffe Institute Still
On Campus

The Radcliffe Institute Invites Laughter and Introspection at ‘To Laugh Is Your Only Job’

“This event represents an institutional shift in the focus that gender and comedy is getting on campus and how that might disseminate outwards to the greater comedy scene.”

Igor Golyak headshot

Artist Profile: Igor Golyak on ‘Artists For Ukraine’ and the Need to Act

For Golyak, taking action means taking what he does best — creating art — and bringing it out of the past and the realm of the fiction to the here and now.

'Ocean Filibuster' Photo

‘Ocean Filibuster’ Review: The Show Wants to Save the Ocean But Lacks Focus

One would be forgiven to expect a relatively quick, somewhat educational show that manages to both soothe and stimulate, but they would be wrong to do so.

NFT Landscape

‘New Horizons’ Review: NFT Art Exhibition Comes to Boston

NEW HORIZONS’ will be on view from February 24 through April 23, 6:30-9:30pm at Pellas Gallery.

Dua Lipa for See in Blue

Review: Dua Lipa’s New ‘Service95’ Newsletter and ‘At Your Service’ Podcast

Dua Lipa has launched a new weekly newsletter, “Service95,” and her podcast “Dua Lipa: At Your Service.”

"A Star is Born" Press Conference Image

Will A-List Musicians Make A Film Industry Comeback?

The musician-to-actor pipeline, once a Hollywood staple, appears to have been relegated to the sidelines for many of today’s biggest stars

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More Than Skin Deep

Life at Harvard has proven to me, though, that my skin is just the tip of the iceberg. As I return to a world with eczema at the forefront, I’ve come to understand that it will be like this for the rest of my life.