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Face Masks
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Quiz: What Does Your Mask Preference Say About Your Concentration?

Who knew six months ago we would need this quiz? Forget about the traditional Harvard greeting (name, year, concentration, then networking). Instead, hand someone this quiz or study it intently to size up people on your own with a glance. Your classmates probably don’t wear masks on Zoom, but you can practice near Widener steps or in your hometown where there are bound to be remote learners.

Syllabus Explorer
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Quiz: Does Your Professor Care About You?

Here is a quick test to see if the class you’re looking at reflects a caring, supportive professor who can soothe your soul during the trials and tribulations presented by an online Fall 2020.

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How To: Become An Early Riser (Even For Just One Day)

Getting out of bed is hard.

visitas advice design

Advice for Virtual Visitas, From Harvard Faculty and Students

We know that navigating Visitas, and even Harvard in general if you choose to come here down the line, can be daunting and confusing, especially now that everything is virtual. With that, Flyby presents words of advice about Virtual Visitas from some of Harvard’s very own faculty and students.

Currier from the outside
Student Life

Housing Market 2020: Currier

With a vibrant community, a variety of social and study spaces, and the offer of a refuge away from the prying tourists of Harvard Square, it’s an understatement to say Currier will not let you down.

Belated Valentine's Day
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Harvard Professors on Love

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you’ve been looking for advice on love, why not listen to what wise Harvard professors have to say about it?

What? It's a fun game.
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What to do When Harvard IT is Down

Shopping week has come to a close and you should no longer be dependent on my.harvard, unless you’re starting to realize you signed up for 60 hours of work a week and are frantically searching for easier classes.

Piper 1

Pets of Harvard: Piper the Cat

Check out Piper, Wigg's adorable kitty!

Piper Dog 3

Pets of Harvard: Piper The Dog

Meet Piper the dog, Pfoho's adorable furry friend!

Why I Declared

Why I Declared 2019: Humanities

To get some perspective on concentration declaration, we asked Flyby sophomores studying the humanities why they declared.

why I declared humanities
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why I declared humanities

Nothing feels quite as "classic Harvard" as the humanities.

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Overheard at the Math 21b Midterm

This midterm season, we bring you the pre-exam panic of the latest Math 21b midterm.

Widener Library
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Quiz: Which Harvard Library Are You?

Deep down we all want to be Widener, but some of us are Lamonts, and that’s just a fact that we have to live with. Get back into study mode this semester with this Harvard Library Quiz!

Understanding the Pumpkin
Around Town

It’s The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch, Charlie Brown!

This isn’t your typical pumpkin patch — an 85 dollar price tag hangs off of the child’s apple-sized discovery.

Walking to Class
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How to Beat the Harvard Sophomore Slump

Need tips on how to beat the sophomore (or any year) slump at Harvard? Flyby is here to help!