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Harvard Square Restaurant Guide

A Comprehensive Harvard Square Restaurant Guide

Tired of cooking yourself the same kind of meals night after night? Hoping to experience some variety that your dining hall can’t offer? Read on for the definite guide to a perfect outing.

Connor S. Dowd Vanity Photo 2021

Arts Vanity: Help! The Impractical Jokers are Ruining My Life

Outgoing Social EAL / Unofficial Film EAL / EAL’s Corner Executive Connor S. Dowd has been a social experiment conducted by truTV in association with the “Impractical Jokers.” Don’t tell him that we told you or else you’ll ruin the prank.

Cover of Pee Wees by Rich Cohen

‘Pee Wees’ Review: ‘Pee Wees’ Skates Around the Big Picture

Half sports memoir, half reflection on fatherhood, Rich Cohen’s “Pee Wees” explores the drama and action that is suburban youth hockey.

Arts Blog Meme Image

Arts Vanity: 2020, A Year in Unclaimed Blog Pieces

Well, to give you a little taste of what you might have missed out on this year, we will rank our top Arts Blog ideas that never saw the light of day.

Rudy Gobert Still

Missing Sports

What media outlets cannot possibly compensate for is the fact that sports are more than just reliable. They are communal and, especially in times of crisis, inspiring.

uncut gems still

'Uncut Gems' Revels in Chaos

This film is not a cautionary tale, nor is it a story of redemption — it is a portrait of one man’s steady, irrevocable loss of power.

Connor S. Dowd Image

Arts Vanity: Applying to Harvard? Arts Can Help!

The college admissions process can be daunting. Follow the steps below to make it a whole lot easier.

Watchmen Still

HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Provokes, Entertains, and Unsettles

By grappling with some of the most divisive issues facing American society, HBO's “Watchmen” does not shy away from courting controversy.

Yardfest Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter: Yardfest 2019 Edition

"I’m actually not entirely sure who’s playing."

Taylor Swift Still

Top Five: Meanest Taylor Swift Songs

These five spiteful Taylor Swift songs hit the hardest.

white panther

WHITE PANTHER’s Multifaceted Ambition Outstrips its Musicianship

It can be difficult to separate art from artist, especially when the artist himself seems to want those lines blurred, but in this case, the artist himself stands out as far more interesting and complex than the album he created.

Freshman Connection
Men's Soccer

Men's Soccer Sees Immediate Contributions From Freshmen

Freshmen Alfred Perez and Nico Garcia-Morillo grew up playing youth soccer in the same region of South Florida. They met in middle school. Now, after so many years spent in the same soccer-related circles, Perez and Garcia-Morillo play together at Harvard and look poised to continue their success at the college level.

God Friended Me Screen

The Absurd Premise of 'God Friended Me' Fails to Give Viewers a Reason to Stay

All in all, “God Friended Me” puts forth a compellingly strange idea as its central premise, but its mishandled tone and out-of-touch “real millennial culture” is bemusing but ultimately dissatisfying.

Ball Play
Women's Soccer

Athlete of the Week: Jillian Wachira

Jillian Wachira’s first career goal could hardly have come at a better time. In a tense, low-scoring game against a strong Yale team, her 29th minute game-winning strike was just enough to ensure victory for Harvard women’s soccer.