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Into the Elephant's Den

Four years ago, the Harvard Republican Club chose not to endorse Donald Trump, denouncing his “racial slander” as a “threat to the survival of the Republic.” Several weeks ago, the same club released a very different decision, not only endorsing the President but describing his policies as leading to “the most prosperous and safe lives for Black Americans.” So, what changed? Exploring a central group chat described as a “lion’s den,” a previous election characterized by “Harvard snakery to the millionth degree,” and the experience of two women on the club’s board, The Crimson dug into the factors behind the club’s controversial reversal.

Joy at Camp

'Want to Bring Your LGBTQ+ Friends to Jesus?'

In a series of messages headlined “Want to bring your LGBTQ+ friends to Jesus?”, a ministry fellow for Harvard College Faith and Action invited his organization’s hundreds of members to the Revoice Conference. To some, the conference provides a sanctuary where conservative, “same-sex attracted” Christians can come as they are. For others, it represents a softened form of conversion therapy. So, what, exactly, do they “revoice”?

Maggie Nichols, the titular "Athlete A"

‘Athlete A’ and the ‘Perfect Victim’ Problem

Do we have to force kids to relive their trauma, to prove their gymnastic potential and youthful naiveté over and over again in order to convince audiences to take sexual abuse seriously?

Single art from H.E.R.'s "I Can't Breathe"

Want to Watch ‘The Help’? Here Are 36 Things To Do Instead.

Want to watch “The Help?” Enjoy these Black entertainment staples instead.

Elizabeth Banks Lipstick on Cheek
On Campus

Elizabeth Banks Raps, Duels, and Kisses Paul Rudd at the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Woman of the Year Roast

Aided by their traditionally eccentric parade and zany traditions, the Hasty Pudding Theatricals took to the streets on Jan. 31 to honor Elizabeth Banks.

Kevin O’Hare, Director of the Royal Ballet

Portrait of an Artist: Kevin O’Hare, Director of the Royal Ballet

The Harvard Crimson spoke with O’Hare about his vision for the company, the company's new cinema program, and the future of ballet on film.

'Little Women' still

‘Little Women’ is Fatally Indecisive

Without question, Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” is gorgeous and impressive in many ways. But with Ronan’s meandering, unsatisfying Jo at the helm, this beautiful, saccharine update’s wavering heart holds it back from its real potential.

Dress Rehearsal for the Boston Ballet's "The Nutcracker"

The Boston Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’ is Serious Fun

From its adorable groups of young dancers to its mesmerizing principals, the Boston Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” has something for everyone.

Joy C. Ashford

Arts Vanity: The Five Stages of Sophomore Slump as Musical Numbers

Had a calm, peaceful sophomore fall filled with an appropriate amount of responsibilities and minimal existential crises? Didn’t think so.


Portrait of an Artist: Emma Brock

The Harvard Crimson spoke with Emma Brock about playing Michael Scott in "The Office! The Musical Parody."

Lewis Capaldi photo

Lewis Capaldi Leads the Boston Royale in Qualified Catharsis

The sweaty crowd laden in eyeliner and leather jackets had lined up outside the Boston nightclub to see a sad, goofy Scottish boy play his guitar.

Hayley Kiyoko Rolling Stone

Top Five Alternatives to Hayley Kiyoko

In honor of this past weekend’s National Coming Out Day, here’s a list of all the queer musical goddesses you could possibly want.

Alec Baldwin Trump SNL

Unpopular Opinion: SNL Plays Right into Trump’s Hand

Do SNL’s political skits deserve the moral high ground they’re often given just because they make Trump angry? I’d argue they just make things worse.

lana del ray doin time

Lana, Lizzo, and the Lure of Trump’s Twitter

But then, what right does an artist have to tell any writer what they can and can’t say? That seems a particularly Trumpian idea.


From Governors Ball 2019: BROCKHAMPTON are the Best Kind of Boyband

BROCKHAMPTON are out to be the best, to “redefine the word ‘boy band,’” and to take on any limited definitions of masculinity the world tries to force on them.