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"Seeing the Body" cover art

‘Seeing the Body’ Elegantly Evokes Facets of Pain

Griffiths describes herself in the series as “a woman whose spirit is both emaciated and exhilarated in the face of monumental loss.”

"Lake Like a Mirror" cover art

‘Lake Like a Mirror’ is Hazy, Murky, and Haunting

Many of the stories end with no satisfying resolution. This ambiguity can be frustrating or soothing.

"The Undocumented Americans" cover art

‘The Undocumented Americans’ Refuses Stereotypes and Claims its Own Space

Undocumented people need not be “heroes” for their stories to be important, valid, and, above all, told.

"The Prettiest Star" cover art

‘The Prettiest Star’ is Quietly, Beautifully Heartbreaking

Brian’s decision to return home to Chester, Ohio — after living in New York City for six years and contracting AIDS in the middle of the crisis that gripped the 1980s — is at once an understandable and perplexing one.

Bieber "Yummy" MV still

Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’ Music Video is Three Minutes of Revulsion

It’s extremely unlikely that a woman listening to this will think, “ah yes, I feel sexy and appreciated when Justin talks about my ‘yummy-yum.’”

Selena Gomez for her album, Rare

Selena Gomez’s ‘Rare’ Is Almost, But Not Quite, Satisfying

Selena Gomez’s first album since 2015, “Rare,” comes her closest to being vocally and lyrically genuine, but never quite gets there.

Harry and Meghan still

What the Hell Happened: The Monarchy is Beginning to Crack

There is no precedent for what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, of British royal family fame, have done, and yet they still did it.

Uncanny Valley cover

Losing Humanity and Finding The Self in ‘Uncanny Valley’

Two aspects of Anna Wiener’s memoir, “Uncanny Valley” immediately make themselves apparent: its understated observations and attention to detail.

'Cats' Still

I Autopsied ‘Cats’ So You Don’t Have to See It

Giving “Cats” one star is an unfortunate concession rooted in disgusted pity.

"Boys & Sex" cover

‘Boys & Sex’ Is Required Reading

"Boys and Sex" chronicles boys’ relationships to, perspectives on, and understandings of their sex lives within the wider fraught worlds that are high school and college.

Knives Out Thoughtpiece

You Probably Know Some of the Characters in ‘Knives Out’

“Knives Out” evokes memories of Agatha Christie novels: a small cast of characters, multiple petty squabbles, and one charmingly-accented detective.

Spotify Offices Still

As Spotify Cancels Political Ads, Researchers See Correlation with Critical Thinking

Such advertising speaks to the American tendency to reduce everything to a sound bite, something that we can digest without much thought or engagement.

Incidental Inventions Cover

‘Incidental Inventions’ Is a Steady, Beautiful Simmer

It’s hard to not feel just a little bit cheated after reading the first two dozen pages of Elena Ferrante’s new book, “Incidental Inventions.”

The Rest of the Story Cover

So Much For The Sisterhood: Sarah Dessen and the Ugly Side of Twitter

It’s understandable to have missed the mid-November debacle that concerned Sarah Dessen, YA literature, and people’s irrational tendencies to jump into a debate about which they do not possess all the facts.

Harry Styles Sara Lee Frame

Of Course Harry Styles Can Make Bread Sexy

Everyone who wanted to hear Harry Styles say “getting railed to death” on live TV got their wish last weekend.