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Art Theft is Optimism

I know this is not how art heists work, but I like the thought of the robber taking his van Gogh back to a flat in Amsterdam, maybe hanging it above his gold enameled fireplace. He can appreciate it, wine in hand, while he self isolates.

Echosmith as a trio in 2017

Portrait of an Artist: Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota

The Crimson sat down with Sierota to talk about what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and what inspires Echosmith almost a decade later.

University Hall

Title IX Disclosures Increase While Formal Complaints Remain Stagnant, Per Annual Report

Between the fiscal years 2017 and 2018, the rate at which Harvard affiliates disclosed harassment to the Title IX Office increased 56 percent. The jump from 2018 to 2019 was more moderate: While 416 students made disclosures in 2018, 500 did so a year later.

Erin Clark - Title IX Coordinator

New College Title IX Coordinator to Focus on Accessibility

Harvard College Title IX coordinator Erin Clark, who stepped into her new role Oct. 2, has spent her first two months on the job focused on making Title IX resources more accessible to the University’s undergraduates.

Iris M. Lewis

Arts Vanity: The Mona Lisa is Laughing At You, And Other True Conspiracies

That's the "art" part, baby.

Title IX Office

Ongoing Dept. of Education Rulemaking Stalls Harvard Title IX Policy Revisions

As the University awaits the finalization of the Department of Education's prospective Title IX enforcement rule, its own policy-making efforts have ground to a halt.

The Company of the Rent 20th Anniversary Tour

20 Years Later, 'Rent' Extends Its Lease

At the Boch Center’s Shubert Theater, “Rent” retells the story of self-identified bohemians who, via the power of friendship, fight rising living costs, AIDS, and the Man.

Massachusetts Hall

Harvard and Peer Institutions Report Similar Rates of Sexual Misconduct

A national sexual misconduct climate survey administered to universities across the country earlier this year revealed that most schools did not see a significant change in the prevalence of sexual assault compared with the incident rates four years ago.

AAU Town Hall

Harvard Administrators Discuss Sexual Misconduct Survey Results at Town Hall

More than 50 Harvard affiliates gathered in the Science Center Thursday evening at a town hall to discuss the results of a campus-wide sexual misconduct climate survey that found incidences of sexual misconduct have remained largely unchanged over the past four years.

University Hall

Prevalence of Sexual Misconduct at Harvard Remains Unchanged From Four Years Ago, AAU Survey Finds

Roughly 33 percent of undergraduate women surveyed this year reported that they had experienced some form of nonconsensual sexual contact. In 2015, 31 percent of senior undergraduate women reported experiencing some form of sexual assault.

Title IX Office
Student Life

Harvard Debuts Anonymous Online Title IX Reporting Form

Harvard’s Title IX Office debuted an anonymous online reporting form on Monday designed to help students report sexual misconduct with greater comfort and logistical ease.

On Campus

In ‘LOVE IS CALLING,’ Mirrors Reflect the Instagram Era

Kusama has emerged as one of the preeminent artists of her generation — and “LOVE IS CALLING,” which opened at the ICA on Sept. 19, is launching to enormous fanfare.

Title IX Office
College Administration

As Classes Start Up, Title IX Training Completion Rate Nears 100 Percent

Ninety-nine percent of Harvard College students have now completed this year’s edition of the school’s annual Title IX training module. The 2019-2020 academic year marks the second time that course enrollment has been tied to completion of the training module.


Staying ‘InTouch’: SEAS Support Network Provides Peer-to-Peer Help to Graduate Students

Two graduate students at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have created a peer-to-peer support network for graduate students, which launched at the beginning of this academic year.

Don H. Pfister
Central Administration

From Truffles to Title IX

Donald H. Pfister juggles many roles — Organismic and Evolutionary Biology professor, botany manuscript curator, and chair of the Title IX policy review committee.