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Priscilla W. Guo (top)
Fifteen Most Interesting

Priscilla Guo

Guo formed her own special concentration: Technology, Policy, and Society.

It's the Powerpuff Girl (reboot) logo

Ignorance Is Bliss

I was confused, nay, DUMBFOUNDED when I heard about the “Powerpuff Girls” reboot.


Roommate Horror Stories

“Are you aware that your roommate swims?”

Grateful Burger
Student Life

Love It: The Grateful Burger

The HUDS employee at Quincy Grille smiles over a platter of cuboidal tidbits. “It’s a healthy and sustainable alternative to your traditional beef burger,” he says.


FM Imagines: Harvard Yard of Broken Dreams

Welcome to the dream journal of a sleep-deprived freshman. She may or may not wake up in Lamont more often than she does in her own dorm room.

Food and Drink

Drinky Drink: Oscar Night

With the Oscars rapidly approaching, FM brings you drinks to last from the first red carpet stiletto to the end-of-show Best Picture reveal. Much like this year’s nominated films, these drinks might just make you question where you came from and whether you will ever find love. ​