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"The Resisters" cover art

‘The Resisters’ Resists Tropes, Falls Flat

The text’s novelty cannot overcome the fact that it will be too much baseball for some, too much technology for others, and only just right for the very few.

The Glass Hotel cover art

‘The Glass Hotel’ is More Than the Average Financial Thriller

Come for the Ponzi scheme, stay for the satisfying conclusion.

Oona Out of Order

‘Oona Out of Order’ Tries to Make Sense of Life

“Oona Out of Order” is equal parts a light-hearted romp through the last 40 years and a thoughtful look at what makes life worth living. Sure, it relies pretty heavily on bizarre, unexplainable phenomena, but as older Oona might say, “It be like that sometimes.”

My Dark Vanessa

‘My Dark Vanessa’ Takes Risks With Disturbing Results

Words like “controversial” and “shocking” don’t begin to describe the feelings this book brings up.

Quarantine Reads

What to Read in Quarantine

For many book lovers, there’s a big TBR shelf (“to be read,” for the uninitiated) staring us down. Here’s a guide to help you narrow down what to read.

Still from The Weeknd's short film "After Hours"

The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ Fades into the Background

While the lyrics leave a bit to be desired and the song is slow to ramp up, “After Hours” is still worth a listen.

"The Girl with the Louding Voice" cover art

‘The Girl with the Louding Voice’ is Fast-Paced Yet Unfortunately Predictable

Perhaps one of the strongest parts of the novel is Adunni’s narrative voice, no pun intended.

"Cleanness" cover art

‘Cleanness’ Is Beautiful, But Vague

"Cleanness" is a meandering novel — it contains more rumination than active plot — although the short sections and well-written prose keep the story flowing.

Oligarchy Cover

In ‘Oligarchy,’ Satire Becomes Cruelty

Scarlett Thomas’ latest novel “Oligarchy” is billed as a comedic look at the pressures girls face — mainly being beautiful and thin.

Topics of Conversations

‘Topics of Conversation’: The Book Everyone is Talking About

“Conversation is flirtation,” which is fitting given that Miranda Popkey’s debut novel “Topics of Conversation” is all about desire, and, of course, flirtation.

A few of the best books of the decade

10 Best Books of the Past Decade

It finally happened: The 2010s came to a close, and with it, a plethora of literary trends.

Caroline E. Tew '20

Arts Vanity: So You Want To Be a Writer? 5 Things That Should Inspire You

You want to be a writer, you say? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Holly Black

Portrait of an Artist: Holly Black

The Harvard Crimson spoke with Black about her writing process, Jude and Cardan, and what’s next for the author.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Seven Still

‘Riverdale’ Review: Nothing Says Thanksgiving like ‘Ice Storm’

It looks like the characters of “Riverdale” celebrated Thanksgiving early, and as anyone could have guessed, no one got a quiet, relaxing dinner with their family.

Riverdale Season Four Episode Six Still

‘Riverdale’ Episode Six Recap: At This Point, Being Bad is ‘Hereditary’

The latest episode of "Riverdale" has brought very little to the table. At this point, the show is a weird re-hashing of problems from previous seasons, with the added benefit of Jughead’s prep school experience and Archie’s ongoing battle with a street thug.