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James Lim Portrait

The Harvard Survivor

James Lim '16, a former Economics concentrator and Eliot house resident, is part of the cast of “Survivor: Ghost Island.”

Charity E. Barros (top)
Fifteen Most Interesting Class of 2018

Charity E. Barros

Barros continued to follow her interest in educational equality at Harvard, joining the FGSU once she arrived.

Robot + Ball
On Campus

Robo-Roaming at the Harvard Biorobotics Lab

Founded in 1990 by engineering professor Robert D. Howe, the Biorobotics Lab develops robots that can both sense and operate in dynamic, unpredictable environments.

Professor Katherine Merseth

Katherine Merseth

"I would say the big issue in education today is both equity and excellence," says Katherine Merseth. " I’m working to see if we can raise both excellence and equity. That is my life’s work."

Sleeping woman

Hey Professor: Light Sleep

​Sleep. We spend almost a third of our lives doing it. It’s incredibly important, yet there is still so much we don’t understand.

Chicken in Distress
J Term

J-Term Postcard: The Headless Chicken

The headless chicken ran in circles, its wings flapping in seeming distress, its bloody neck stub gyrating up and down. The children began to pour buckets of water over the chicken for no reason I could discern.


Drinky Drink: Election Night

Here at FM, we’ve decided to prepare some drink recipes to calm your nerves and make buying those plane tickets a little easier.​


The Word: Haunt

A large silhouette, at least six feet tall, looms over us. It’s clutching a dagger in one hand. Heavy chains are draped over its shoulder.


Assembling the Octobot

This is the world’s first completely untethered, 100 percent soft robot.



The Octobot is the world's first robot that has no rigid components.


Ignorance, Bliss, and Dinosaur Badges

Standing in the museum tonight, watching a baby chicken pecking its way out of its shell and into life, all the old mystery and excitement comes rushing back.