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Men's Basketball

Triple Threat: The Rise of the Three-Pointer at Harvard

A statistical look at Harvard men’s basketball's three-point shooting.

Rakesh Khurana

Asked About Sanctions Suits, Khurana Prefers Statements Over Direct Answers

Asked about the sanctions lawsuits in an interview Friday, Khurana at least five times repeated almost verbatim parts of a previous statement issued by Harvard spokesperson Rachael Dane.

Bid Day 2018

Alpha Phi Returns to Campus, Joins Lawsuit Opposing Sanctions

Harvard’s chapter of sorority Alpha Phi — which shuttered in response to the College’s sanctions — is back in business and joining a lawsuit against Harvard.

Making a Statement
Final Clubs

Social Groups Sue Harvard Over Sanctions

A group of fraternities, sororities, and students is suing Harvard over its social group sanctions, alleging the penalties are discriminatory, coercive, and unconstitutional.

BSOC Protest One

Harvard Suggests Clarifying Policies, Changing Yardfest in Final Report On Arrest of Black Student

The report calls for clarification of emergency response policies, expansion of HUHS counseling, and changes to Yardfest, among other recommendations.

Capitol Building

Bill That Could Endanger Harvard's Sanctions Won’t Pass, Experts Say — Particularly After Blue Wave

A bill that could jeopardize Harvard’s social group sanctions will almost certainly fail to pass before the end of this congressional term, experts say. The fact Democrats may regain the majority in November only makes things worse.

United States Capitol
Student Groups

A Bill Forbidding Social Group Sanctions Probably Doesn’t Affect Harvard. One Advocacy Group Wants to Change That.

Opponents of the sanctions have long hoped to force Harvard to choose between its sanctions and millions of dollars in federal funding. Now, they’re one step closer to making that happen.

Courtney Blair

Dunster House Holds Memorial Service Honoring Senior Courtney Blair

At the memorial, students took turns sharing memories of Blair, ranging from late nights spent with her in the Dunster dining hall to chance encounters with her on the street that turned into close friendships.

Rakesh Khurana
College Life

Khurana 'In Dialogue' With Some Remaining Single-Gender Groups About Going Co-Ed

Aministrators are “in dialogue” with some of the few single-gender social groups left on campus about the possibility of going gender-neutral and thus avoiding Harvard's sanctions, Khurana said in an interview last Thursday.

Rakesh Khurana

Khurana Says 2013 Report Showing Disadvantage for Asian-American Harvard Applicants ‘Was Not Correct’

“It did not reflect the data, the process, that one would want in a social science report that looks at important issues like discrimination,” Khurana said.

Harry Lewis

‘Harvard Needs a Civics Lesson’: Former Dean Lewis Condemns Sanctions in Letter to Congress

Former Dean of the College and vocal sanctions opponent Harry R. Lewis ’68 sharply condemned Harvard’s penalties on members of single-gender social groups in a letter he sent to a House committee Wednesday.

Annabel O'Hagan
Hasty Pudding Theatricals

Students Praise Pudding’s Mixed-Gender Cast as 'Move in the Right Direction'

After Hasty Pudding Theatricals cast women for its show for the first time in its nearly 200-year history, some students said they were excited by the change.

The Fox Club Recognition Status
Final Clubs

The Fox Club Changed Its Mind About Going Gender-Neutral — Again

The historically all-male, 120-year-old social group — which earlier this month vowed to go co-ed and in return earned College recognition — is no longer planning to do so, according to administrators.

The Pudding's New Space

Hasty Pudding Institute Moves into Former Bee Clubhouse

The group is leasing its new space from the Fly Club, according to Cambridge property records.

Fall in Harvard Yard

Harvard Debuts New System for Disciplining Errant Student Groups

Harvard has debuted a new procedure for punishing student groups that violate school policy.