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Wasserstein Hall

New Harvard Student Campaign Calls on University to Divest From Prisons

The group wants to sever Harvard's "financial ties to the prison-industrial complex by advocating for... total divestment from all corporations whose existence depends on the capture, caging, and control of human beings."

Endowment Returns FY 2017

Harvard Returns 10 Percent on Endowment ‘With Much Work Ahead’

The returns, bringing the endowment's total value to $39.2 billion, mark an improvement from last year’s return of 8.1 percent and a serious turn-around from the loss of $2 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Harvard Management Company
Central Administration

Harvard Investment in Brazil Tangled in Landholding Dispute

A University investment in Brazilian farmland could face a lawsuit as prosecutors review allegations that a Harvard-linked company does not rightfully own the land.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office
University Finances

Harvard to Invest $300 Million in Credit Fund

The money will come from Harvard’s endowment; the Boston firm slated to receive the millions dollar-strong backing from the University is Evolution Credit Partners.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office
Central Administration

Harvard Sold ProShares Before Market Dip

Harvard Management Company sold shares of “ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures” valued at $11.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2017 ahead of a dramatic market dip.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office

Alumni Write to Bacow Urging New HMC Investment Strategy

Instead of using hedge funds to manage its money, the University should shift half of its $37.1 billion endowment into lower-cost funds tracking the S&P 500, the letter’s signatories argued.

Harvard Management Company
University Finances

Gupta, Hall Leave Harvard Management Company

Executives Geetanjali Gupta ’00 and Richard L. Hall ’90 will both leave Harvard Management Company in February, on the heels of a year of significant restructuring at HMC.

HKS New Campus
On Campus

Kennedy School Completes Campus Renovations

The $126 million construction project, underway since late 2015, included several new buildings added to the center of campus.

Harvard Kennedy School

IOP Youth Poll Finds Pessimistic Views

“The fear that is present in this poll could fuel the upending of the Washington establishment as we know it,” said John Della Volpe, director of polling at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Nancy Gibbs

Former Time Mag. Managing Editor Warns of Overly Critical Journalism

“I think journalists are attracted to this profession because we believe in its accountability,” Gibbs said, “but I think that attitude may foster a bias against the positive.”

Sally Q. Yates

Former Deputy Attorney General Yates Criticizes Trump At IOP Event

“Our standard for our president shouldn’t be, ‘Anything short of a felony is okay,'" she said.

Penny S. Pritzker

Former Secretary of Commerce Criticizes Trump Trade Agenda

“Political forces have been playing against the angst that the American people feel… the problem is the gains from globalization has not been broadly shared.”

Discussing White Nationalism

Ex-White Nationalist Explains Supremacist Organizing

Black attempted to highlight common misconceptions about the white nationalist movement, especially the misconception that most white nationalists are poor southerners.

National Security at the IOP

Former Obama Officials Talk National Security

​Four former Obama administration national security officials criticized the Trump administration’s foreign policy at the Institute of Politics Monday night.

Joe and Mika

'Morning Joe' Hosts Decry Broken Party System at Town Hall

“If we had healthy political parties right now, there would be an answer to Donald Trump," Scarborough said.