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Sound of Music Production

A Mixed ‘Sound of Music’

In a new production of “The Sound of Music,” a fictionalized portrayal of the character Maria Rainer’s transition from postulant to governess, wife, and stepmother centralizes the bond between Maria and the seven von Trapp children.

Circe Cover

‘Circe’ Muses on Mythology and Mortality

​Madeline Miller knows how to weave a story.

 “Yeomen of the Guard” Review Image

A Production That Does G&S 'Yeoman’s Service'

The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ current staging of “The Yeomen of the Guard; or The Merryman and His Maid,” set in Tudor England, feels—in a word—fresh.

Sense & Sensibility

A Lively and Lighthearted Take on ‘Sense & Sensibility’

The production provides a lively and lighthearted evening of entertainment that will delight fans of the 19th century novel, as long as they are not Austen purists.

Frank Steins

‘Frank Steins’ and Staging Disability

Shows like “Frank Steins” do not present the audience with burdenless characters and carefree plotlines.


A Love Letter to ‘Spring Awakening’

​To the cast, musicians, and creative team behind this semester’s moving production of “Spring Awakening,” thank you.

Pirates of Penzance

A Playful, Boisterous ‘Pirates’

“Pirates,” when done right, is a night of good fun.

Next Customer Please

No Impulse Purchases Here with ‘Next Customer Please’

Like a grab-bag Walmart bin, this show wasn’t infused with gravitas or interested in weighty issues or existential crises, nor was the production intended to be.


Lighthearted Storytelling in Words and Notes

The subject matter is rooted in fantasy, yet C.F. Ramuz’s repetitive libretto coupled with Stravinsky’s darker, dissonant music seems more representative of the piece’s real-world, historical context.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

Page to Screen: The Glass Castle

Suffice it to say, I had high expectations when I learned that “The Glass Castle” would become a movie in August 2017.

Drinks at the Harvard Art Museums
On Campus

After Hours at the Museums: Color, Cocktails, Celebration

The Harvard Art Museums stayed open late last week with food, music, gallery tours, and other events, as part of its continuing efforts to engage students.


‘Easy’ to Listen to, ‘Easy’ to Love

“I’ve got a premonition,” singer-songwriter Emma Harvey purrs as bandmate Kel Taylor’s crisp guitar thrums punctuate her words. The romance that Harvey and Taylor hint at in their new single, “Easy Now,” may be on the fritz, but the song itself is just the opposite: airy, nuanced, and utterly aflame.

On Campus

Cast Shines in a Melodic “Into the Woods”

Director Jake S. Stepansky ’17 staged his take on the show on Dec. 8 and 9 at the American Repertory Theater’s OBERON stage, delivering a production carried by a triumphant cast, although the venue and blocking left much to be desired.

Michael D. Smith
Student Life

FAS Dean Calls Faculty Criticism About Lack of Involvement in Sanctions ‘Categorically False’

​FAS Dean Michael D. Smith called Faculty criticism about their lack of involvement in crafting a historic social life policy “categorically false,” expressing his most in-depth comments on the contentious sanctions to date.

On Campus

Parker Quartet Enchants at Leverett Fall Concert

From dining hall to concert hall: The Parker Quartet brought the beguiling sounds of Haydn, Tan Dun, and Beethoven to Leverett for an annual dinner and performance.