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Following Long Island Closure, Local Homeless Shelters Struggle with Demand

The Long Island Shelter was the Boston area’s largest, housing more than 700 people a night. When Boston city officials closed the only bridge servicing the shelter, these people were left without a place to live.

Homelessness on the Rise

Amid National Decline, Mass. Homeless Population Rises

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development reported last week that the homeless population in Massachusetts has experienced the third highest increase of the 50 states in the past year.

2013 Divestment Rally

Arrested Divestment

Other higher education institutions, notably Stanford, are finding their stakes in fossil fuels increasingly unconscionable, but Harvard itself has made no intentions to divest. Still, the protests continue.

Harvard Square

Youth Homeless Shelter Initiative Secures Funding

The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Youth Initiative, aimed at launching the first overnight shelter for youth in Cambridge, has received a grant that will support its operating costs for the next 15 years.

Jane L. Mendillo
Harvard Management Co

Money and Morals at HMC

A year of protests and conflicts reveals the divergent conceptions of responsible investment at Harvard.

Equality Protests

John W. Perdew ‘64 and The Rise of Civil Rights Involvement

With the threat of the death penalty looming over him, John W. Perdew ’64 found himself sitting in a jail cell in Americus, Georgia the summer after his junior year at the College.

At the Microphone
Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy Family and Administration Sought to Establish Memorial at Harvard

In the months that followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, realizing the late President’s wish that his national memorial consist of three parts—a museum, a library, and a political institute—and that it stand next to the Harvard campus.

The Square

On the Streets, the Square’s Homeless Tell Their Stories

The homeless experience in the Square varies widely.

Youth Homelessness in the Square
Harvard Square

For Homeless Youth, Age Can Compound Challenges of Life on the Streets

Though homeless youths in Cambridge have the best chance of avoiding chronic homelessness, they also are among the most vulnerable.

Ken and Frenchie
Harvard Square

Harvard Square Store Owners, Homeless Population Follow Unspoken Agreement

Though many store owners and others affiliated with Harvard Square business positively characterize their relationship with the homeless, some cite concerns about the impact of the visible homeless population on the shopping experience.

Bread & Jams
Harvard Square

Pantry’s Closure Will Leave Void in Harvard Square Daytime Homeless Services

Bread and Jams, a drop-in shelter that serves the daytime needs of Harvard Square’s homeless population, will be forced to shut its doors on March 25 after decades in operation after recent changes in federal funding for homelessness services.

Homeless in Harvard Square
Harvard in the City

Homelessness Advocates Plan To Open Youth Shelter in Square

Samuel G. Greenberg ’14 and Sarah A. Rosenkrantz ’14, co-directors of the the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter’s Youth Initiative, appealed to the Harvard community Monday night for support in their campaign to open a youth homeless shelter in Harvard Square within the year.

Homeless in Winter
The Square

For Square Homeless, Winter Puts Pressure on Stretched Resources

With limited space and funds at area homeless shelters, winter proves a trying time for some area homeless. Others prefer to stay outside, risking their health in the process.

City Politics

Cambridge Election Commission Finalizes Vote Count, But Recount Still a Possibility

The last time Cambridge conducted a recount, in 2001, the process took a month to complete and cost the city $38,509.

City Politics

City Council Hopefuls Consider Recount Prior to Final Vote Tally

As Cambridge awaits the final results of last week’s City Council election, multiple rounds of vote tabulation have steadily narrowed the margin between the nine leading candidates and the rest of the field. Yet, even before the vote count is announced on Friday, some candidates are already considering a recount.