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Winds and Brass Forever

Wind ensembles occupy a special position in the musical tradition, blending the refinement of high music with the spirit of the modern day.

Days of Deprivation

Nearly everyone has at some point in his or her life experienced hunger. I’m not referring to genuine, involuntary starvation—a

No More Fries With That

With 60 million adults falling under its label, obesity has reached crisis levels in the United States . Perhaps most

The End of Science

People expect a lot from science—that it will eradicate disease, put us in contact with aliens, create robots that do

A Free and Fair Election

Voters are the lifeblood of a democracy. Since the end of primary season, both campaigns have organized conspicuous voter registration


Supreme Impiety

One would almost automatically assume that the Douglas County, Neb., District Court does not hold jurisdiction over the omnipotent creator

Study: Pacemakers Could Be Hacked

A Harvard Medical School (HMS) study released last week shows that Implantable Medical Devices (IMD), such as pacemakers, could be