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Matters of the Heart(land)

My fifth-grade teacher must have experienced an unusual level of confusion as she prepared seating charts and memorized names 15

A Mediocre Piece of Journalism

I celebrated my twentieth half-birthday (or my twenty-and-a-halfth birthday) by moving all my belongings in Germany up and down six

Philosophy in 'Sombreros'

When Harvard TEATRO!’s production of “Tres sombreros de copa” (“Three Top Hats”) premieres this Friday, it will mark the Spanish

It Don't Mean a Thing...

“Up until a few years ago, jazz had little place on the college campus. It was music fit for night-clubs,

Around Harvard Square in Foreign Fare

With spring break already two weeks in the past, it seems that there are few ways to keep alive the

Thesis Eating: Procrastination Alimentation

Four a.m. rolls around, and it’s finally time to write that thesis—or at least that thesis title. After sitting down

Cultivating Good Taste in Food and Life

Last night might have been romantic, with dinner and wine and a walk along the Charles. But you know what

Our Ginger Notre Dame-inance

As the sun began to set on what would have been an ordinary day at the beginning of the third

Marianne F. Kaletzky

Headlines are hard. I know, because I write for a newspaper. I remember when I first became an editor and

Go Get Yourself Some Kickass Cupcakes

We’ve been told all our lives that American culture likes things big, and nowhere is this axiom more evident than

Out of Lamont and Into Cafés

As we saunter up to the counter of a certain café, heavy books in tow, caffeine levels rapidly dropping, we

Taste the Season: Skip the Dining Hall Tonight

As temperatures drop, jackets get thicker, and schoolwork begins in earnest, we also observe two changes in color: the leaves,

Harvard Polytechnic?

Although it could not seem more unlikely today, Harvard and MIT were once very nearly a single school. Claiming that

Tragedy Given Shape In Berlin

For those who’ve seen pictures of Berlin’s Jewish Museum, actually arriving there can be a confusing experience. I had expected

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Summer Postcards 2007

Safely Makes Fun!

I’ve repressed my middle school days so thoroughly that almost nothing reminds me of them now, but in my few