Year in Sports 2019

Eyes on the Prize
Women's Ice Hockey

The Puck Stops Here: Lindsay Reed, Female Athlete of the Year

At the end of the season, she earned multiple honors, including First Team All-Ivy, ECAC All-Rookie Team, Second Team All-ECAC, and ECAC Goalie of the Year Finalist.

Farr Form
Men's Swimming

All-American: Dean Farris, Male Athlete of the Year

As a senior, he has high goals and expectations. Farris will have opportunities throughout next year to prove himself on the national stage heading into the 2020 Olympic trials next summer.

Wise Words
Field Hockey

Off to the Horses: Tjerk van Herwaarden, Coach of the Year

Over that time period, Harvard accumulated four hat tricks – also a record – and clawed their way up to 6th in the country.

Walk-Off for H

Nine in the Ninth: Baseball vs. Yale, Comeback of the Year

The fairytale comeback was indicative of a truly storybook season for Harvard Baseball.

Men's Squash

Squash Supreme: Both Men and Women are Teams of the Year

Not only did both squash teams meet those expectations, but they smashed them, as both went undefeated and cruised to national championships.

Unleash It
Men's Water Polo

Chasing Championships: Men's Water Polo vs. Princeton, Heartbreak of the Year

So it was all the more heartbreaking when, after skirting past Brown, 11-10, Harvard fell to Princeton in the NEWPC championship, 12-10.

A Lifelong Native
Women's Ice Hockey

A Hockey Life: Bradley Fusco

Throughout her childhood, Harvard hockey continued to play a major role even after she moved on from the learn-to-skate to youth teams.

Cut and Aaron

Aaron Amok: Aaron Shampklin, Male Breakout Athlete of the Year

Despite shared time with three other backs, Shampklin rose quickly to the top of the league. By the conclusion of the season, the sophomore led in total rushing yards — and it wasn’t even close.

Laying it In
Men's Basketball

A 'Bad Boy': Noah Kirkwood, Male Rookie of the Year

By season’s end the Ivy League had bestowed seven such honors, enough to surpass a program record held by Siyani Chambers ‘16-17 and Dan Clemente ‘01.

German Speed
Track and Cross Country

Record Time: Lisa Tertsch, Female Performance of the Year

While the accomplishment is truly remarkable, Tertsch’s initial reaction was rather neutral, considering her performance.

One-Shoe Wonder
Track and Cross Country

One-Shoe Wonder: Kieran Tuntivate, Male Performance of the Year

When he lost his shoe between the 400m and 500m mark of the race, he had enough of the unnatural motion and kicked it off, exposing his bare foot to the track.

Alums 08-09 1
Sports Features

Data Feature — 10 Years Later: Where are They Now?

While a significant number of ‘08-09 Crimson athletes had at least brief careers as professional athletes, just 11 — slightly over one percent — still are.

The Elder One

Triple Play: Harvard Baseball's Stone Brothers

From helping all three play at a young age to supporting them throughout the long summers of baseball, family is a thread that has always been present for the Stones.

Men's Basketball

Double-Clutch: Harvard Men's Basketball vs. Columbia, Game of the Year

The shot became a bigger story than the eventual victory itself, as Aiken’s play was the opening highlight on Friday night’s 11:00 pm SportsCenter, and earned ESPN’s Top Play of The Night.

Laser Focus
Women's Golf

Freshman Phenom: Elizabeth Wang, Female Breakout Athlete of the Year

Wang’s 72.92 stroke average through 13 rounds of golf led the way for Harvard. She also was the only one in the group to card two scores in the 60’s.