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HGSE Education Now: Innovations in Global Education
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Education Leaders Speak on Future of Global Schooling, Technology in HGSE Webinar

Civic and education leaders from around the world spoke on the future of education in technology in a Harvard Graduate School of Education webinar Friday.

Empty Yard During Covid

While Most Surveyed Faculty Satisfied with Transition to Remote, 80% Say Virtual Learning Less Valuable for Students

Eighty percent of surveyed members of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences said they think a remote semester is not as valuable as an in-person semester for students, with 43 percent of respondents indicating “strong” disagreement.

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As K-12 School Reopenings Continue, Educators Urge Reform to In-Person Education System

Over a year has passed since that initial transition, and experts in education policy, administration, and public health say the new challenge is safely shepherding students back into classrooms — and making the most of this pivotal moment.

Harvard Graduate School of Education Gutman Library

HGSE Alumni of Color Discuss Education and Racial Inequities at Annual Conference

Harvard Graduate School of Education alumni and students discussed education’s intersection with racial inequality and socioeconomic disparities at a conference Saturday.

HBS Library
Harvard Business School

Some Business School Students Report Positive Experience with Hybrid Instruction, Remote Model

Harvard Business School students, some of the only Harvard affiliates who experienced in-person classes last fall, praised the hybrid classroom model that the school debuted in the fall.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
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Black Harvard Graduate School of Education Students Discuss Their Research into Racial Inequity in Education

Black doctoral students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education led a webinar on their research into racial injustices in the education and research fields Thursday.

Most Pop. Spring 2021 Courses

Economics 10b, Life Sciences 1b Lead Spring Course Enrollment

Economics 10b: “Principles of Economics” continues to reign as the most popular spring semester course for the eighth consecutive year.

Chris Harrison Falling in Love
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The 36 Questions That ~Virtually~ Lead to Love

Love is in the air... or should we say, in the Zoom? Either way, we've got all the deep questions you'll need to spice up your latest breakout room. Whether you're just hoping to end some awkward silences or actually trying to obtain a quarantine boo, our special virtual renditions of The New York Times’ “36 Questions That Lead to Love" are sure to please.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
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University Administrators Lay Out Lessons Learned for Future of Education in HGSE Panel

Administrators across Harvard reflected on how experiences from the pandemic-afflicted academic year would affect education in the years ahead in a Graduate School of Education webinar Friday.

Real Housewives Mute
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Four Situations More Awkward Than Breakout Room Icebreakers

Most of us would agree that breakout room icebreakers can be extremely painful, but there's got to be something worse... right? Whether it's our sudden lack of social skills after ten months of hiding indoors, our inability to actually recognize anyone from the shoulders down, or just plain old forgetting to mute yourself — next time you're stuck in another breakout room with strangers sitting in total silence, just remember that it could probably be worse!

Saturday Night Live Please Don't

Dude That's Rude: The Worst Things Professors Can Do For Zoom University

With a whole new semester of Zoom ahead of us, even just the thought of having to schedule one more video call is enough to make you want to throw your phone into the Charles River. While this virtual education can be hard enough, some of our professors aren't necessarily making it any easier — from disabling the chat to going fifteen minutes overtime, these small things can really make that "Leave Meeting" button seem even more tempting.

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The Ultimate Virtual Semester Bucket List

A new semester is officially here, and along with it comes our desperate attempts to make another semester of Zoom classes actually exciting. This time around, why not try a classic competition amongst friends? And who knows — your grade may even benefit from it too!

Empty Campus 2020

Ten Stories That Shaped 2020

The past twelve months were a year like no other for Harvard and the world. Under the backdrop of a once-in-a-century pandemic, students took classes from all over the globe, while pushing for social change at the University and on the political stage. Here, The Crimson reviews ten stories that defined 2020 at Harvard.

Virtual Semester Reflections Graphic

Virtual Semester Reflections Graphic

Harvard's first full virtual semester, which concluded Dec. 20, drew mixed reviews from students and faculty.

Q Guide

Students Lament Decline in Courses Soliciting Qualitative Q Guide Feedback

Some undergraduates expressed frustration that some professors did not give the option to make qualitative comments for future students to read on the Q Guide.